BORON Element Crystalline Powder 15 grams 98.5%

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  • 98.5% Industrial grade purity.
  • The element is in the form of a micro crystals.
  • SKU# B15g 

This BORON Crystalline Powder comes in the form of micro crystals and has 98.5% industrial grade purity. Though there are two allotropes of boron don’t confuse this product with the amorphous boron which is a brown powder. Our product is in metallic form which is black, hard, and a bad conductor in room temperatures. It is never found free in nature. If you are in need of a material with high tensile strength, then this product is perfect for you because it’s known as the element with the highest tensile strength. Quantity is 15 grams.

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SKU B15g
Shape Other
Maximum Operating Temperature (F) 0
Magnetization Direction Not Applicable
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