November 2014

  1. Turn Your Fridge Into a Reindeer or a Snowman for the Holidays

    Turn Your Fridge Into a Reindeer or a Snowman for the Holidays
    This is one DIY project that takes the term fridge magnet to a whole new level! If you love to decorate every inch of your home when the holidays roll around, then here’s an idea for fridge decorating━reindeer magnets. You can turn your “plain jane” fridge into a festive reindeer or a snowman with a few supplies and this guide. Continue reading →
  2. DIY Christmas Ornament Fridge Magnets

    DIY Christmas Ornament Fridge Magnets
    Thanksgiving is over and that means it is time to pull out all your Christmas decorations! If you have a surplus of ornaments or bulbs after decorating your tree, you can repurpose them as magnets! Christmas ornament fridge magnets are easy and inexpensive to make, here’s how you can create them. Continue reading →
  3. DIY: Snow Globe Magnets

    DIY: Snow Globe Magnets
    Nothing reminds us of the holiday season quite like snow globes. Snow globes date as far back as the 19th century, although, how they were created has been disputed. Some say that the snow globe was inspired by paperweights, and others say that they were created as the result of a failed lamp project. Regardless of how they came about, there is no doubt that snow globes have become an iconic item that is recognized all over the world. Now, you can create your very own snow globe magnets for the holidays or for a handmade Christmas gift! Continue reading →
  4. Geeky Gift Ideas for Science Lovers

    Geeky Gift Ideas for Science Lovers
    Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year can be a challenge. However, if there is a science lover on your list, we may be able to help you find the right one. As fellow science enthusiasts, we have compiled a list of some of the geekiest gifts out there. Some of the items we've listed, you can even make yourself with a few simple items. Continue reading →
  5. How to Make DIY Turkey Leaf Magnets

    How to Make DIY Turkey Leaf Magnets
    Thanksgiving is almost here, which means you may be surrounded by family and friends in your home. You can add some character to your house with reusable DIY holiday crafts. In this blog, we explain how to make Thanksgiving themed magnets from everyday items. Turkey leaf magnets are fun, quick and easy to create. You can pick out the perfect pair of leaves to use right from your yard, and follow the steps below to make these magnets. Continue reading →
  6. Magnetic Recipe Board

    Magnetic Recipe Board
    Now that the holiday season is officially underway, you can start preparing for the hefty Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner menus. If your family loves food and swapping recipes, here is a DIY to help you keep track of all your holiday food ideas. Sure, you can always create a Pinterest board, but there is still some old-fashioned charm to hanging a tangible recipe board in your kitchen. Here’s how you can make one for your own home. Continue reading →
  7. Studying Honey Bees with Magnets

    Studying Honey Bees with Magnets
    Honey bees need their beauty sleep too, according to an interesting study from the University of Texas. Using magnetism, researchers compared the patterns of well-rested honey bees to sleep-deprived ones and found that lack of sleep affects their communication. Continue reading →
  8. Scientists That We Should Thank

    Scientists That We Should Thank
    We have a lot of things to give thanks to this holiday season, but for the moment, we’d like to recognize some scientific masterminds. Can you imagine what life today would be like without our electricity, modern medicine, cell phones or other advances? Well, without the contributions from these scientists, the world might be very different than it is today. Continue reading →
  9. Inventions That Make Us Thankful For Magnetism

    Inventions That Make Us Thankful For Magnetism
    Without magnetism, we would be without many of the gadgets and technology that are now a part of our everyday lives. Many innovators use magnets to create unique and useful inventions. In this blog, we have listed some of the most influential inventions that would not have been possible without the help of magnetism. Continue reading →
  10. What is the Strongest Magnet in the World?

    What is the Strongest Magnet in the World?
    The largest magnet on Earth is, in fact, the Earth. Our planet acts like one big bar magnet, with a magnetic north and south pole. However, it is not the strongest one on the planet. The most powerful, non-destructive magnet resides in New Mexico and was made by humans. In 2012, researchers at the Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico built one that could generate a record-setting magnetic field of 100 Tesla, a unit used to measure magnetic field strength. Continue reading →

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