April 2015

  1. Can Magnetic Fields Be Blocked?

    Can Magnetic Fields Be Blocked?
    Magnetic shielding may seem like the stuff of science fiction novels and movies, but it’s real. Unlike some forces, such as electricity, magnetic fields can’t technically be blocked. This is because there is no monopole magnet--or at least not one that we know. The magnetic field lines run from a magnet’s north and south pole, which makes blocking them difficult. Continue reading →
  2. DIY Magnetic Button Coin Purse

    DIY Magnetic Button Coin Purse
    Coin purses are a convenient and cute way to store change and other small objects and access them quickly. When you need to grab some change at the store or while boarding the bus, you can get to it easily with your own DIY felt coin purse. In this blog, we explain how to make a basic coin purse with some felt, glue and some other inexpensive supplies. And we explain how to attach a magnetic closure onto it to keep its contents safe and secure. Continue reading →

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