March 2016

  1. Learn All 50 States With A Magnetic Map

    Learn All 50 States With A Magnetic Map
    The world is a pretty big place with 7 continents and over 190 countries so learning geography is not an easy task. Many American students begin by learning the orientation of all 50 states that make up the United States of America. While 50 states is only a small fraction of the rest of the world, it’s a great place to start. Here’s a fun activity you can use to learn all 50 states with a magnetic map: Continue reading →
  2. What Is Magnetotactic Bacteria?

    What Is Magnetotactic Bacteria?
    In 1963, at the University of Pavia in Lombardy, Italy, Salvatore Bellini was observing bog sediments under his microscope. As opposed to the normal movement, Bellini noticed a group of bacteria orienting themselves in a unique direction. Upon further study, he realized that these peculiar microorganisms were moving in the direction of the North Pole. He dubbed them "magnetosensitive bacteria.” Continue reading →

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