March 2019

  1. Magnets in the Bathroom

    Magnets in the Bathroom
    Whether you have a tiny bathroom or even a master suite, we could all use some extra organization in one of the most used rooms in our home! You don’t need to buy furniture to have an organized space, instead, use some of these ideas below to incorporate magnets in your bathroom. Continue reading →
  2. 5 Uses for Block Magnets

    5 Uses for Block Magnets
    Block magnets are one of the most popular and versatile magnets we sell at Apex Magnets. When compared to a disc magnet of the same thickness, they have more surface area resulting in a stronger magnetic pull—the pull force of our block magnets ranges from 0.6 pounds to roughly 1,082 pounds! We also sell a variety of countersunk blocks with holes that allow you to use screws, nails, or bolts to attach the magnet to a different material. Continue reading →
  3. Incredible Uses of Magnets in Science

    Incredible Uses of Magnets in Science
    We are constantly learning about the capabilities of and research on the uses of magnets, magnetic force, and magnetic fields. From helping moths establish a migration pattern to keeping astronauts safe during interplanetary flights, magnet science is nothing short of impressive. Read more about what magnetic knowledge we gained in 2018 in technology, in space, and in the environment. Magnets...
  4. Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen Using Magnets

    Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen Using Magnets
    By adding some magnets into your spring cleaning routine, you’ll find yourself creating a beautiful space you can enjoy all year round. Take these extra steps this “spring cleaning” season to transform your kitchen into your favorite room (if it isn’t already!). Continue reading →
  5. National Craft Month: The Educator Edition

    National Craft Month: The Educator Edition
    Calling all craft enthusiasts and educators—March is National Craft Month, and we wanted to celebrate by pulling together a DIY guide for your classrooms. Apex Magnets always recommends adult supervision while using neodymium magnets, as the magnets are extremely strong and can pinch skin or, in some cases, break bones. If you aren’t comfortable letting your students use the magnets, however, you can use them to create a fun classroom atmosphere. Continue reading →
  6. 3 Ways to Use Sphere Magnets

    3 Ways to Use Sphere Magnets
    Sphere Magnets are small but mighty! Their unique shape and the lines of force they generate provide the highest local gauss readings (the invisible strength) of all magnets. Their greatest strength, however, comes with a trade-off: since they lack surface area, it’s harder for them to grab onto certain surfaces. This means sphere magnets work best when being used with other sphere magnets. These unique magnetic balls are most commonly used for classroom demonstrations, DIY projects, and workplace fun -- Continue reading →
  7. 5 Uses for Disc Magnets

    5 Uses for Disc Magnets
    Apex Magnets has over 100 options for disc magnets, and for good reason! These circular, flat magnets are the most commonly used magnet shape. Neodymium disc magnets have significant strength—pull forces range from 5 ounces to 1174.9 pounds per magnet,  while diameters range from 2 millimeters to 6 inches—and come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, materials, and coatings, making it easy to find the perfect product for your next project. Over the years, our team and customers have found many ways to put these versatile magnets to use. From classroom demonstrations to organizational tools, we’ve compiled a list of five uses for our disc magnets. Continue reading →
  8. A “Weird” Magnet Shouldn’t Exist, But It Does

    A “Weird” Magnet Shouldn’t Exist, But It Does
    After being theorized for decades, a material known as USb2 — a uranium and antimony compound—was found to be magnetic despite its singlet-based properties. Its magnetism has also been experimentally proven to exist in reasonable temperatures compared to the extremely cold temperatures it was once tested in. What’s significant about this? This new magnetic material may change the game in information storage for computers based on its ability to transition from magnetized to not in seconds. Weird. Continue reading →
  9. Researchers Find Potential Source of Rare Earth Elements

    Researchers Find Potential Source of Rare Earth Elements
    Since China produces over 90 percent of rare earth elements—but sets limitations and regulations on exporting—researchers are trying to get creative with how to recycle and repurpose rare earth magnets. According to a new study published in the Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, researchers at Rutgers University-New Brunswick and members of the Critical Materials Institute have found a potential new source of rare earth elements (REE)—phosphorite waste. This discovery could help decrease the cost of REEs and make them more accessible to those outside of China. Continue reading →
  10. Quick and Clever Ways to Use Magnets in the Office

    Quick and Clever Ways to Use Magnets in the Office
    When you think of magnets, where does your mind go first? Maybe an industrial backdrop – magnetic sweepers and lifters? Perhaps you think of a first-grade classroom – star magnets beneath the names of well-behaved children. There’s a good chance you don’t relate to either of these examples, but have you considered the practical uses magnets can have around your...

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