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  1. DIY Magnet Craft: Spring Weather Checker

    DIY Magnet Craft: Spring Weather Checker
    You might know the popular saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” and no matter where you live, we all know how unpredictable spring weather can be. Rainy days might mean more time indoors, but it can be fun for young kids to play weatherperson during a season with so much variety.  To combine education and crafting, we’re sharing this magnet DIY made up of a cloud, the sun, a raindrop, a rainbow, and a flower to help little ones predict the weather.  Thanks to the magnets, this can be kept on the kitchen fridge or even on desks for daily weather checks. Whichever way you choose to use these adorable spring magnets, though, the kids will have fun with it! Just remember that when handling magnets children should be under adult supervision, with adults handling the magnets at all times.  Continue reading →
  2. Geomagnetic Jerks

    Geomagnetic Jerks
    At Apex, we cover all types of magnetic news and discoveries from the Moon’s magnetism to aquatic robots activated by magnets. But there’s one phenomenon we haven't been able to fully understand and talk about—until now — geomagnetic jerks. In a recent blog, we discussed how there’s a “dent” in Earth’s magnetic field, called the South Atlantic Anomaly, which is essentially a weak spot in the magnetic field. The radiation caused by this anomaly poses a threat to our satellites and their onboard computers while moving through this spot —but, it’s not the only strange occurrence resulting from the magnetic field. Enter the jerks— geomagnetic jerks, that is. These are abrupt changes in the strength of Earth's magnetic field, resulting in pulses that, like the anomaly, can compromise our satellites.  Continue reading →
  3. Two Things You May Not Know About Earth’s Magnetic Field

    Two Things You May Not Know About Earth’s Magnetic Field
    If you didn’t know already, the Earth is a giant magnet. Its magnetic field comes from its core being solid iron, with molten metal surrounding it. This magnetic field acts like a protective shield around the planet, trapping and repelling charged particles from the Sun. There’s a lot to learn about Earth’s magnetic field, with new discoveries being made almost yearly! In this blog post we’re covering two things — the “dent” in the magnetic field, and how the field flips.  Continue reading →
  4. Inside A Bird’s Mysterious Magnetic Sense

    Inside A Bird’s Mysterious Magnetic Sense
    You might think that being able to see the world through an aerial view would be the only navigation tool birds need. However, a bird’s internal navigational system has something more complicated and fascinating going on. For years, scientists have theorized that migratory birds experience an innate phenomenon that allows them to ‘see’ the Earth’s magnetic field. Recently though, scientists at the University of Tokyo turned this hypothesis into actual proof.  Continue reading →
  5. The Long Relationship Between the Moon and Magnetism

    The Long Relationship Between the Moon and Magnetism
    While the moon doesn’t have its own magnetic field—anymore—the moon and magnetism do go hand in hand. From meteors, plasmas, and the moon being part of Earth once, there have been a lot of discoveries in terms of the moon and magnetism! Here, we’re rounding up the articles we’ve written on the topic.  Continue reading →
  6. Aquatic Robot Activated by Magnets

    Aquatic Robot Activated by Magnets
    In an article published in the journal Science Robotics, the world was introduced to a new type of robot, one that can move underwater. Researchers at Northwestern University demonstrated how they used magnetic and light fields to make a robot not only walk underwater, but break dance as well. Continue reading →
  7. What’s Going on In Space: Magnetism Edition

    What’s Going on In Space: Magnetism Edition
    What do a cat’s paw, a whirlpool, and a cigar have to do with each other? We’re glad you asked. Just as cloud-watching will show you figures and outlines of people, animals, and objects, outer space is no exception. In fact, a cat’s paw, a whirlpool, and a cigar are just the latest shapes of nebulas and galaxies that are currently being studied by astronomers for their magnetic fields. Read on to hear more about the latest interesting shapes that are forming in space.  Continue reading →
  8. Scientists Could Now Control Magnetism Thanks to Metamaterials

    Scientists Could Now Control Magnetism Thanks to Metamaterials
    Scientists have long been trying to control magnetism — something that would do wonders for advancements in technology. The issue can best be explained by Earnshaw’s Theorem, which states that it's not possible to create a spot of maximum magnetic field strength in an empty space and that the strength of a magnetic field decreases with distance from the magnet. Continue reading →
  9. The Coolest Things People Have Found While Magnet Fishing

    The Coolest Things People Have Found While Magnet Fishing
    Similar to metal detecting, magnet fishing is a way to discover hidden objects around us. The biggest difference? Magnet fishing happens underwater. It’s actually pretty simple, take a strong retrieval magnet, or for a cheaper alternative— an eyebolt neodymium magnet—tied with some rope over to a body of water near you. Then, cast the rope into the water just like normal fishing. You never know what you might find! Continue reading →
  10. Magnets in Bladesmithing

    Magnets in Bladesmithing
    Originally on the History Channel, Forged in Fire, has been taking over Netflix with its cutthroat competition between bladesmiths. Each episode has the bladesmiths recreate historical edged weapons — from Roman Gladius, Viking battle axes, Napoleon’s saber, and more.  What caught our attention here at Apex is their use of magnets during their heat treating so we're diving into the why, how, and “does it actually work,” below!  Continue reading →

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