Custom Magnet Request

Apex Magnets offers customized rare earth magnets to fit your magnet needs. We sell many magnet shapes and sizes within specific parameters that are shipped domestically or internationally. Simply, fill out our custom order below, and we’ll review your request within 1-2 days and provide you with a quote for FREE. There’s no obligation to purchase.

Tips for Filling out a Custom Magnet Order Form

When filling out the custom magnet request form, the more specific you are, the better!

  • When determining the necessary dimensions for magnet shapes, enter the diameter for disc and sphere magnets, and enter the length for all other magnet shapes. Disc magnets will have two dimensions (diameter and thickness), and square or rectangular magnets will have three dimensions (length, width, and thickness).
  • If magnets need to operate in temperatures above 176 degrees Fahrenheit, it is considered a high temperature.
  • If you wish to upload a file, you can include sketches, advanced specifications, relevant documentation, etc.

Custom Magnet Guidelines

  • Disc and rectangular magnets may be up to 6 inches (153mm) in all dimensions (length, width, and height). Ring magnets must be under a maximum of 4 inches (102mm) in all dimensions.
  • In some cases, longer lengths may be created by bonding smaller lengths together, which may affect physical and magnetic properties.
  • Neodymium magnets and Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets are hard, brittle materials, which can impact its ability to be molded into complex magnet shapes. On the other hand, AlNico magnets magnet-containing assemblies can allow more complex shapes.

Place a Custom Order



Your RFQ will be reviewed in 1-2 business days and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Terms of Sale

  • Production lead time is typically 6-8 weeks for magnets with all dimensions under 1 inch and up to 12 weeks for those greater than 1 inch.
  • Minimum orders are $500 to USD 1000, depending on quantity and difficulty. Minimum piece quantities may apply.
  • Custom magnets may be subject to a one-time tooling fee. This is more likely for custom magnets larger than two inches, complex shapes, etc.
  • Custom orders cannot be expedited.
  • A 35% deposit is due upon order execution — the balance is due when the product is ready to be shipped to your location.
  • ALL custom orders are FINAL. Custom products cannot be returned unless products do not meet the original agreed-upon specifications.
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