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Home Decor Magnet Projects Round-Up

Feel like your house needs a refresh? Instead of going out and buying expensive furniture or decor, give some of these home decor magnet projects a shot!  Continue reading →Read more

Magnetic DIY Round-Up To Make Future Projects Easier

We’ve shared a lot of DIY magnet projects in the past to keep your home, office, and any other workspace organized, visit the Fix it With Magnets section of ...Read more

How to Create a DIY Magnetometer Inside a Tic Tac Box

Ever wonder how you could make your very own Magnetometer? This DIY project allows you to do so right from the comfort of your home. Magnetometers measure the strength of ...Read more

Build Your Own Free Energy Mobile Phone Charger with Magnets

You might be familiar with wireless charging options for your cell phone, but what about free energy charging options? While there are multiple meanings to the phrase “free energy” in ...Read more

Magnets and Automation in the Face of Social Distancing

The world is currently facing a pandemic and people are being encouraged to practice social distancing for the foreseeable future. The amount of recommended time for this kind of practice ...Read more

Mobile Hall Sensor Array for Detecting Ferrous Objects In Floors, Walls, and Pipelines

Sometimes, in the construction and use of pipelines, or during the construction/tear-down of buildings, you may need to detect and remove some unknown ferrous object from inside pipes, behind ...Read more

Interactive Magnetic Art

From Japanese artist Yukako Hihara using magnets to design anti-gravity shoes to the late Greek sculptor, Takis’ art based in magnetism, magnets are always being used in creative ways! Now, ...Read more

DIY: Magnetic Money Clip

Do you have some extra time on your hands? With leather scraps and two block magnets, you can make a magnetic money clip in less than 10 minutes! Hold your loose ...Read more

Using Magnets to Collect Martian Dust

Space exploration may still seem like science fiction to some, but rest assured, it is very real, and humanity is learning more each year. Our scientists are actually starting to ...Read more

Chemical Process Industries and Magnetically Coupled Pumps

In the Chemical Process Industries (CPI), you have to pay special attention to the interaction between the “media” or type of chemical you are pumping and the pump itself. Sometimes ...Read more
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