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Storing Outdoor Furniture Cushions and Throw Pillows with Magnets

When the weather is nice, outdoor space, whether it’s on a porch, deck, or patio, is often the heart of the home. Because of this, you may splurge on ...Read more

Four Magnetic Hacks Every Mom Should Know

Let’s face it—kids can be messy, disorganized, and curious,  sometimes which can lead to lost belongings, toys strewn everywhere, and even unforeseen messes you weren’t prepared for. ...Read more

Build Your Own Free Energy Mobile Phone Charger with Magnets

You might be familiar with wireless charging options for your cell phone, but what about free energy charging options? While there are multiple meanings to the phrase “free energy” in ...Read more

DIY Magnetic Field Sensory Jar

Sensory activities are something that both children and adults can benefit from. This magnetic field sensory jar craft is no exception, allowing you to create something you can keep at ...Read more

The Use of Magnets in Prosthodontics

The field of prosthodontics has utilized magnets for many years, namely in the design of corrective implant-supported overdentures and maxillofacial prosthesis. While prosthodontic engineers, orthodontists, and dentists originally experimented with ...Read more

How Furniture Makers and Merchandisers Can Use Magnets

If you build or sell your own furniture, you’ve likely encountered one or two unhappy clients irked by the way a door or drawer won't stay latched and closed. ...Read more

2019 Magnetic Crafts Round-Up

This year, we wrote a ton of blog posts for you, our customers. Here at Apex Magnets, we know that magnets can help you save time and money. They also ...Read more

Hosting Tips for the Holidays: Entertainment

Now that you have the decor down, you’re halfway to reaching pro host status for the holidays. To keep your guests happy and entertained all night long, check out ...Read more

A World First: Wind Turbines Upgraded With High-Temperature Superconductors

For the first time in energy industry history, high-temperature superconductors—rather than permanent magnets—are being used in wind turbines. Continue reading →Read more

How Are Permanent Magnets Being Used To Make A Revolutionary Energy Accelerator?

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is dedicated to answering basic and applied science questions that range “from the birth of our universe to the sustainable energy technology of tomorrow.” Recently, they ...Read more
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