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Apex Magnets Blog

Tectonic Plate Movement Could Cause Pole Reversals

Around 800,000 years ago, if you had been navigating via compass your compass’ point would have aimed at Antarctica rather than the Arctic..... Read more

The Human Brain and Its Magnetism

Since the early 1990s, scientists have known that the human brain contains magnetic particles deep within the organ’s tissue. The problem: .... Read more

Exploring the Shelf Life of Magnets: Can They Weaken Over Time?

Here at Apex Magnets, a frequent question we receive from potential buyers revolves around the shelf life of magnets. Are permanent magnets .... Read more

How Electromagnets are the Driving Force Behind Cranes

A crane is one of the most important forms of industrial equipment in the construction, automotive and manufacturing industries. Skyscraper.... Read more

DIY: Magnetic Wristband

Would you consider yourself a craftsman, handyman, or DIY enthusiast? Or maybe you’re just trying to remodel your home or a piece of furnit.... Read more

DIY Magnetic Key Holder

Crafts aren’t just for the young—they’re also for the young at heart. And when we can find a way to combine creativity and functionality, w.... Read more

Magnets and First Aid: Staying Prepared For When Injuries Arise

For those who have regularly worked around magnets, has your finger ever been caught in a pinch between two pieces of neodymium as they mag.... Read more

Back to School - Educator Edition

After a long and enjoyable summer, it can be hard for both you and your students to get back into a solid routine. Not to mention, the work.... Read more

How Magnets Help Control Your Shower Curtain

At times, our shower curtains can be quite a nuisance. We’ve all been there before. It’s early in the morning, you’ve rolled out of bed and.... Read more

Detecting Damage in Non-magnetic Materials with Magnetism

Steel is one of the most commonly used materials, possibly because it has many different variants, Typical variations are stainless steel, .... Read more

Tiny Magnets: What are They Good for?

Most of the magnets we encounter on a regular basis—the ones on our kitchen refrigerator or used to hang something from the ceiling—are ver.... Read more

Make the Most of Your Magnets

Make the Most of Your Magnets
We’ve been there: You’re perusing Pinterest or browsing blogs when you catch a project that you absolutely must make. Maybe you even saw it .... Read more