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Strange Uses of Magnets

Quick — think of a magnet! Chances are, you pictured your fridge adorned with postcards and letters. Or maybe you thought about snapping a magnetic pen on a dry erase board. ...Read more

Magnets to the Rescue: How Magnets Can Get You Out of Sticky Situations

We’ve all been there - the ring that slipped down the drain, the battery that won’t budge --the list of inconvenient situations we all experience around the house ...Read more

Schooling at Home With Magnets

Running out of ideas for how to lead science class? We’ve got you covered with these magnetic DIYs and blogs full of magnetic information to make your job of “...Read more

Magnet Experiments to Do While You're Bored

Are you cooped up in the house? Want to get the kids off the tv? Are you bored out of your mind? Here are some fun magnet experiments to try ...Read more

How Professional Printers Can Use Our Magnets

Do you make books, newspapers, magazines, or brochures? Chances are, that makes you a professional printer and a master of tailored mass production. We have many clients in the printing ...Read more

Magnets in a Greenhouse or Nursery

Do you own a nursery or a greenhouse? Whether you’re involved with a small business endeavor or a much larger industrial-sized operation, magnets are an aesthetically pleasing method of ...Read more

DIY Magnetic Upcycled Crafts Roundup

We all have that one area in our home that has become a designated space for forgotten items. It’s usually called the “junk drawer” or “that storage closet I’...Read more

Using Magnets in Model Building

Model building, a popular hobby for those with high levels of patience, or for those who might want more patience, includes making small-scale or shrunken models of objects like cars ...Read more

Apex Magnets Used in Restaurants

Whether you own or manage a mom-and-pop shop, a fast-casual restaurant, or something that might be considered more of a fine dining experience, you can use magnets to level up ...Read more

The Three S’s of Industrial Magnets: Sweepers, Sorters, and Separators

When it comes to industrial uses for magnets, there are three pillars –– sweepers, sorters, and separators. These three categories, and the magnets that fall under them, are vital to the ...Read more
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