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Magnet Accessories

You know we sell strong permanent neodymium magnets, but that’s not all! Along with magnets, we also sell magnet accessories to use at work, at home, or just for ...Read more

Uses for Apex’s Atypical Magnets

If you've ordered from Apex in the past, you’re probably familiar with our most popular products, including discs, blocks, and cylinders. Aside from the commonly used magnets, we also ...Read more

DIY Magnetic Field Sensory Jar

Sensory activities are something that both children and adults can benefit from. This magnetic field sensory jar craft is no exception, allowing you to create something you can keep at ...Read more

Keep Kids' Minds Active in the Summer With This Amazing Magnet Pen

It can be hard to find activities for the kids to do that are both educational and fun, but this experiment is just that. Keep your kids busy and their ...Read more

Building a New Superconducting Magnet

After the discovery of electromagnets in the 1800s, the world’s understanding and use of magnets started to evolve. However, the next big game changer didn’t occur until 1911 when ...Read more

Magnets in Proximity Sensing Applications

Without proximity sensors, the details of our day-to-day lives would change. For example, cell phones wouldn’t be as user-friendly, manufacturing would be less streamlined, and the food and beverage ...Read more

DIY Magnetic Pin Dish

If you sew, you know how easy it is to drop and lose those pesky straight pins. They’re small, slick, and hard to find once they’re on the ...Read more

DIY Magnet Party Favor With Jar Lids

When hosting a kid’s birthday party at your home, it can be hard to come up with fun activities to keep everyone occupied. If you find yourself in this ...Read more

A World First: Wind Turbines Upgraded With High-Temperature Superconductors

For the first time in energy industry history, high-temperature superconductors—rather than permanent magnets—are being used in wind turbines. Continue reading →Read more

How Are Permanent Magnets Being Used To Make A Revolutionary Energy Accelerator?

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is dedicated to answering basic and applied science questions that range “from the birth of our universe to the sustainable energy technology of tomorrow.” Recently, they ...Read more
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