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DIY: Magnetic Wall & Ceiling Register Update

When you look at your wall or ceiling register, you may not think of it as an object that can receive a creative spin. Thanks to our newest DIY project, ...Read more

DIY: Using Magnets on Your Backsplash

Last week, we explained how you can organize knives in your kitchen with a simple magnetic knife holder. Now, we are taking another look at how you can keep your ...Read more

Magnetic Dollar Bill Experiment

Whether you are picking something up at the grocery store or buying a midday snack from the vending machine at work, you likely grab cash from your wallet almost every ...Read more

Make Your Own DIY Magnetic Ink

Beat the out-of-school boredom with a summer science project using magnets that will keep your kids occupied while promoting valuable learning opportunities. When you think of common uses for magnets, ...Read more

The Story Behind The Horseshoe Magnet

When you imagine a magnet, does the iconic horseshoe magnet come to mind? For many, it does! This U-shaped magnet has remained a popular depiction of magnets and has an ...Read more

Earth Day: Rare Earth Magnet Recycling

Have you purchased rare earth magnets or bought items containing magnets and questioned how to dispose of them when you’re finished? We’ve covered the topic of recycling and ...Read more

Skip the Paintbrush Next Time You Paint With Magnets

Most of us have painted our own portrait or that famous bowl of fruit in art class, and are looking for a relaxing art project that is far less complex. ...Read more

How to Create Decorative Vase Magnets

Adding some flowers to your living room, bedroom, or your favorite hangout spot is a great way to give the space a fresh feeling. Thanks to the help of magnets, ...Read more

Business Applications for Ceramic Magnets

Ceramic magnets have many useful applications in different industries and businesses. This permanent, man-made type of magnet is made from a combination of iron oxide and strontium carbonate. Those two ...Read more

Magnetically Sealed Centrifugal Pumps

Pump technology has evolved over time to allow engineers to use smaller magnetic drive pumps while simultaneously making them more powerful and efficient. Rare earth magnets allow for this compact ...Read more
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