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3 Magnetic Hacks to Upgrade Your Cruise Cabin

Whether it’s your first cruise experience or you’re a seasoned veteran, everyone can benefit from learning a few tips to upgrade your cabin (stateroom) without breaking the bank. ...Read more

5 Ways to Use Magnets in Home Renovation

Whether you’re in the middle of a big home renovation project or tackling one room at a time, magnets can reduce your list of challenges and make each individual ...Read more

Magnetic Experiments of 2020

Although 2020 was a year of staying home, it gave us lots of time for magnetic experiments! Performing experiments with magnets can teach us a lot about how things around us ...Read more

Making Schooling at Home Easier With Magnets

Being a parent already has its stressors, but this year, homeschooling is becoming a new reality for so many. We commend parents who are now taking on the role of “...Read more

Heat Flow Controls The Movement Of Skyrmions In An Insulating Magnet

Physicists at RIKEN, a Japanese scientific research institute, recently found a way to show how extremely small amounts of heat can be manipulated to control magnetic whirlpools, otherwise known as ...Read more

Magnetic Smart Textiles

Recently, there have been significant innovations in smart textiles, which are “intelligent textile structures or fabrics that can sense and react to environmental stimuli, which may be mechanical, thermal, chemical, ...Read more

How to Make Magnetic Cookie Chore Sheets For Your Kids

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or babysitter, chore sheets make for an excellent, fun way to keep kids focused on the task at hand and learn responsibility. But why ...Read more

How to Make Magnetic Koozies For Your Next Holiday Party

For all the extroverts out there, this is the time of year when you can put your host hats on, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to bring together family ...Read more

Adhesive Magnet Applications In Business

Adhesive-backed magnets are extremely versatile, which means they are ideal in a wide range of business applications. They are coated with 3M adhesive 467M glue on one side so they ...Read more

How Teachers Can Use Neodymium Magnets In The Classroom

All teachers can agree that the past couple of school years have been challenging as a result of the pandemic. To make things a little bit easier, we’re sharing ...Read more
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