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Magnetic Locks: How they Work and Their Uses

More and more, we are seeing properties gravitate to the use of electromagnetic locks in their buildings. With their ease of installation, security, and fast building access, it’s no ...Read more

How to Make Magnetic Dish Towels

When you’re in the kitchen making dinner or cleaning up, do you ever find yourself struggling to remember where you put the dish towel? You turn right, you turn ...Read more

Make Your Own DIY Magnetic Ink

Beat the out-of-school boredom with a summer science project using magnets that will keep your kids occupied while promoting valuable learning opportunities. When you think of common uses for magnets, ...Read more

Magnetic Science Fair Projects, Part 3: Evaluating Magnetism in Different Liquids

Today we’re serving up the final project in our science fair series — it’s all about magnets and viscosity. Viscosity is the thickness of a liquid and its resistance ...Read more

The Story Behind The Horseshoe Magnet

When you imagine a magnet, does the iconic horseshoe magnet come to mind? For many, it does! This U-shaped magnet has remained a popular depiction of magnets and has an ...Read more

Earth Day: Rare Earth Magnet Recycling

Have you purchased rare earth magnets or bought items containing magnets and questioned how to dispose of them when you’re finished? We’ve covered the topic of recycling and ...Read more

Make Your Own DIY Magnetic Ball

In America today, over 38% of households own at least one dog. If your home isn’t complete without man’s best friend, you understand that not only will dog parents ...Read more

Make Your Own Magnetic Fishing Game

With summer only halfway over and the boredom starting to set in, you’re likely desperate to find activities that don’t involve the latest video game or tv series. ...Read more

Halbach Array for Electric Motors

Let’s talk about the Halbach Array. A phenomenon that was initially discovered in 1973, this arrangement of permanent magnets functions to make the magnetic field one side stronger while negating ...Read more

Permanent Magnets for Different Kinds of Sensors

Permanent magnets are used in a variety of sensor applications; but what exactly is a sensor? A sensor measures input from its environment and converts it into data. That data ...Read more
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