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DIY: Magnetic Hammer Handle

Numerous DIY projects require the use of a hammer, but today’s idea actually includes making an improvement to the tool itself. By creating this magnetic hammer handle, you can ...Read more

How Electricians Can Use Magnets to Install Wires Inside Walls

Magnets allow electricians to install wires effectively inside an already standing wall, even in tough locations. Even if there’s insulation in the wall, a few magnets can simplify the ...Read more

Magnetic Dollar Bill Experiment

Whether you are picking something up at the grocery store or buying a midday snack from the vending machine at work, you likely grab cash from your wallet almost every ...Read more

Make Your Own DIY Magnetic Ink

Beat the out-of-school boredom with a summer science project using magnets that will keep your kids occupied while promoting valuable learning opportunities. When you think of common uses for magnets, ...Read more

Magnet Fishermen Find Stolen Item

You never know what you’ll find when you go magnet fishing. Some go in search of treasure, others do it to make a positive impact in the community, and ...Read more

Magnetic Force vs. Magnetic Field

Magnet users of all experience levels have likely heard of magnetic force and magnetic fields. While these phrases are used quite often, many might not be aware of the difference ...Read more

Bottle Storage in Your Fridge

There may be nothing better than kicking back after a long week at work and enjoying a movie or sporting event with your favorite drink in hand. Today, we are ...Read more

DIY: Magnetic Field Nail Sculpture

Seeing magnets in action is a great way to learn about their many capabilities. In today’s DIY project, we are hanging up nails with string and watching how a ...Read more

Magnetic Systems in Warehouse Transportation

Several companies around the world have really started to investigate the advantages of using robotic systems that rely on magnets to transport things around warehouses. This includes the ability to ...Read more

Permanent Magnets Used in Robots

For years, permanent magnets have played a vital role in the ever-expanding robotics industry, specifically in robot manufacturing. The design process pushes boundaries, is highly focused on sensors and motion, ...Read more
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