Popular Size Grid

The chart below shows our most popular shapes and sizes of neodymium, nickel coated, magnets in a handy at-a-glance grid.

How To Use:

1.     Shape

Choose your shape as either Cylinder/Disc or Block/Bar/Cube

  • Cylinder/Disc: 2 Dimension are needed - The Diameter rows equals the distance across the round surface. Thickness equals the thickness of a disc or the length of a cylinder
  • Block/Bar/Cube: 3 Dimension are needed – To use the grid for Rectangular magnets, first select your preferred thickness in the dropdown box.  Then view Width by row and length by column.
2.      Inches/Millimeter

All measurements are in decimal inches or millimeters. To convert fractions, Divide the first number into the second number. For Example, to get the decimal value of a 5/16 diameter disc, simply divide 5 by 16. The decimal value will be 0.3125.

3.      Display

  • Part Number – Display our SKU/Part Number along with a thumbnail image and link to the product
  • Pull Force – Displays ESTIMATED pull force of each magnet. Please note: Pull Force is subject to many factors. These include, thickness of metal surface, iron content, vertical or horizontal magnet placement, operating temperature and more.

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