Bismuth Metal 99.99% *** 5 POUNDS ***

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  • 99.99% pure Bismuth Metal
  • Pull Force: 220.9 pounds
  • SKU# Bi5lb
  • Bismuth Metal 5 Lbs in Needle Form.
  • 99.99% Industrial Grade Purity.
  • Atomic element No. 83 on the Periodic Table of Elements.
  • Bismuth has many interesting properties. It is the highest numbered atomic element with a stable, non-radioactive isotope.
  • Bismuth has a relatively low melting point, 520.3 degrees Fahrenheit, making it useful for alloying with other metals.
  • Bismuth is an organically-safe substitute for lead; for instance, in non-toxic shot for shotgun shells.
  • One property of Bismuth is diamagnetism.
  • In short - and over simplistically speaking - Bismuth repels magnets!
  • This characteristic makes bismuth a great component of magnetic levitation experiments.
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