COBALT Metal Element 7.1 grams 99.95%

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  • 7.1 grams total 99.95% pure
  • The metal is in pellet form. 
  • Each pellet measures 1/4" diameter x 1/4" length.
  • Quantity is 7.1 grams total.
  • The metal is in pellet form. 
  • Each pellet measures 1/4" diameter x 1/4" length. 
  • Weight is 1.79 grams per pellet. 
  • Buyer will recieve 4 pellets with a total weight of 7.1 grams. 
  • Cobalt is Atomic Element No. 27 on the periodic table of elements. 
  • Cobalt is a hard ferromagnetic silver-white element. 
  • It is frequently associated with nickel, and both are characteristic ingredients of meteoric iron. 
  • Cobalt in small amounts is essential to many living organisms, including humans. 
  • Having 0.13 to 0.30 ppm of cobalt in soils markedly improves the health of grazing animals. 
  • Cobalt is a central component of the vitamin cobalamin, or vitamin B-12. Cobalt-60, an artificially produced radioactive isotope of cobalt, is an important radioactive tracer and cancer-treatment agent. 
  • Cobalt pigments such as cobalt blue and cobalt green have been used for centuries in glass making. 
  • Cobalt's ferromagnetic properties lend themselves to powerful permanent magnets such as Samarium-Cobalt or SamCo magnets, a powerful rare earth magnet first produced in 1970.
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SKU Co71
Shape Cylinder
Maximum Operating Temperature (F) 179
Magnetization Direction Not Applicable
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