Gauss Spectrum Magnetic Field Viewer Film - 8 x 11.75

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  • 1 Piece Gauss Spectrum Magnetic Field Viewer Film
  • Display relative gauss strength in a spectrum of color
  • You are buying one 11.75 inch x 8 inch sheet of Gauss Spectrum Magnetic Field Viewer Film
  • Gauss Spectrum film is a magnetic flux sensitive sheet which displays gauss intensity in colors of the the visible light spectrum.
  • Tighter flux lines - such as those near pole edges - display as bright lines.
  • This film performs best in a gauss range of approximately 100 to 800 gauss. Above roughly 800 gauss colors are recycled but not in the same progression as before.
  • This film automatically resets to neutral in under 60 seconds
  • This film is well suited to applications where more than simply the presence of magnetic fields needs to be observed.
  • The film is highly flexible and can wrapped around objects. The film can also be laminated. It is not currently laminated.
  • Each order of 5 will receive a Color Key card to assist in identifying gauss readings. Additionally, every multiple order of 5 pieces will receive an additional card. (Ex. Order 20 pieces, receive 5 cards. Order 37 pieces, receive 8 cards, etc)
  • Multiple pole magnets such as those on business card magnets will display interesting patterns, such as the example pictured below.
More Information
Magnetization-Shape-Direction none
Color None
Coating Not Applicable
Shape Other
Diameter/Length (in) 11.75
Width (in) 8.00
Width (mm) 0.00
Thickness (in) 0.00
Diameter/Length (mm) 0.00
Thickness (mm) 0.00
Maximum Operating Temperature (F) 176
Magnetization Direction Not Applicable
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