You might be familiar with wireless charging options for your cell phone, but what about free energy charging options? While there are multiple meanings to the phrase “free energy” in scientific applications, for the purpose of our mobile charger experiment, the free energy is the amount of energy in a system that is available to do work. By harnessing free energy through the use of magnets, we’ve learned that with enough power, you’ll be able to charge your phone. Read on to learn more about the experiment and what you’ll need to make this possible! 


What You’ll Need 

  • Thick marker or another cylindrical object of the same thickness  
  • Spool of 30 gauge copper wire 
  • Box cutter
  • USB wall charger (typically, with newer phones, chargers will come in two pieces: the USB wall charger and the USB cord) 
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks 
  • Two 2” x 1” x ¼” neodymium ring magnets
  • Scrap piece of wood or other hard, mobile surface for the base
  • USB phone cord 
  • Cell phone


  1. First, you will take your copper wire and wrap it tightly around the marker about 30 times. 
  2. Then, slide off the copper coil and wrap both ends of the wire around the loop a few times to keep all of the individual strands together. Be sure to still have about an inch of the wire sticking out on each end.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to end up with two copper coils of roughly the same size. 
  4. Using a box cutter, carefully run the blade along the four ends of the copper wires that stick out from the two coils to expose the silver underneath. 
  5. Twist the tip of one end of the copper wire with another end of the opposite copper wire. Do this with each end so that the two coils are connected by their ends. 
  6. Grab your USB wall charger and wrap one of the twisted ends around one prong and then repeat on the other prong. 
  7. To secure the attachment, use your hot glue gun to glue the wires to the prongs. 
  8. Place a coil on either side of the wall charger. Then, glue the coils to the charger. 
  9. Glue your 2” x 1” x ¼” neodymium ring magnets to the piece of wood. The magnets should be standing up on their sides and glued about 1.5” apart.
  10. Plug the USB phone cord into the wall charger. Then, plug the charger into your phone. 
  11. Once you place the entire wall charger system in between the two magnets, your phone should automatically begin charging. 

Get Experimental with Apex Magnets 

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