This video seems like magic but it’s simply magnetic forces at work (it’s interesting how often those two get confused). You can even recreate this experiment yourself. All you’ll need are some neodymium disc magnets of varying sizes, a small sphere magnet, strong tape, and an old CD.

How to Make Your Own Magnetic Motor

Start by laying down a long piece of tape, sticky side up. Next, place your disc magnets evenly along the tape. Fold the other side of the tape over the magnets to secure the magnets in place. Create a ring out of your magnets and tape by using a little more tape.

Once you’ve completed your magnetic ring, place two more disc magnets on either side of your old CD. Take your sphere magnet and position it underneath. Then, begin evenly securing more small disc magnets around the outside rim of the CD so they are held in place. All set!

You can now wield your magnetic magic and impress your friends with your magnet prowess.

How Does It Work?

There are many false claims that magnets are the answer to unlimited energy. Sorry, that’s never going to happen—unless the laws of physics change. In the case of this experiment, While not quite a perpetual motion machine (those are impossible), it certainly feels that way. The reason this magnetic motor isn’t actually free energy is the magnetic field created by your ring of disc magnets is a closed loop. In other words, you need to apply force to set the motor in action.

Because the magnets attempt to take the path of least resistance, it causes them to move across the surface.

We are fascinated daily by magnetism and we hope you are too. For more magnet news and findings, head to our News & How-To’s section. We think you’ll find it rather attractive.