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Magnets in Sign Production

Magnets in Sign Production

In the past, we’ve discussed the important role of magnetics you’ll find on car advertisements, public transit buses, mouse pads, refrigerator magnets and more. But it doesn’t end there. Actually, signs begin with magnets; meaning during the production process.  Efficient sign-making can be done with tools that are powered by magnets. If you’re in the signage industry, these three magnet options can help you in the production process.

Magnetic Tool Holder

When making a sign, manufacturers use equipment like drills, heat guns and wrenches. You can create a magnetic tool holder to hold the tools you need to a nearby metal surface. Why? This will help to reduce the repetitive picking up/putting down process and allow the sign maker to have easy access to the items he/she needs.  For added uses, a magnet could be placed on a water bottle to ensure it does not spill on the "work in progress" and allow the worker to have easy access and remain hydrated in a warm or hot work environment. The holder is well-suited for manufacturing centers, garages, workshops, etc.   

Adhesive Backed Magnets

Our magnetic adhesive backed products can aid in placing graphics on to signs for vehicles or advertisements. The tape holds graphics firmly in place without slipping and allows you to easily reposition them. In addition, it prevents scratches to both the graphics and vehicle and makes the installation process faster – allowing for higher production rates.

Magnetic Pins/Clips

Magnetic pins and clips can hold down metal templates to provide a clean, efficient way to keep them in place during the sign construction process. It allows for quick and easy repositioning during sign construction, instead of using nails that could cause damage. After construction completion, you can simply remove the pins and store them away for the next use – saving on costs!
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