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Pyrolytic Graphite Block

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Model: PG1blk

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  • Pyrolytic Graphite Block that measures 1" x 1" x 1/4".
  • This block can be used as is or can be "cleaved" into thinner sheets.
  • Pyrolytic graphite is a unique form of graphite produced by decomposition of a hydrocarbon gas, typically methane, at very high temperature in a vacuum furnace, resulting in an ultra-pure product near theoretical density and extremely anisotropic.
  • The process is slow, taking many hours and is quite costly, hence the high price.
  • Pyrolytic Graphite has many interesting properties, perhaps most notably, it's high level of diamagnetism - the ability to repel, or be repelled by a magnetic field.
  • To demonstrate the ability to repel, place a small neodymium magnet between 2 blocks of pyrolytic graphite. Hold a helper magnet above the PG to provide lift and after a bit of trial and error, you will find the point at which gravity and diamagnetism find equilibrium and the small magnet will float. Build an apparatus to hold all the components in place, and the magnet can be suspended indefinitely.
  • To demonstrate the ability to be repelled, arrange 4 neodymium block magnets as pictured below. Using a sharp razor blade, cleave a thin sheet of Pyrolytic Graphite. The thinner the sheet, the higher it can float. Carefully place the PG in center of the 4 blocks, with corners of the graphite aligned with the lines where the magnets are joined and voila! - you having floating PG. Short of a gust of wind, or an earthquake, (or the family dog hitting the table) the PG will float indefinitely.

Additional Information

SKU PG1blk
Color None
Magnetic Material No
Grade No
Coating No
Diameter/Length (in) No
Diameter/Length Fractional) N/A
Width (in) No
Width (fFractional) N/A
Width (mm) No
Thickness (in) No
Thickness (Fraction) N/A
Diameter/Length (mm) No
Thickness (mm) No
Pull Force (pounds) No
Maximum Operating Temperature (F) 176
Magnetization Direction Through Rectangular Length (Diametric)

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