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ZINC Metal Element 30 grams 99.99%

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Model: Zn30

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  • Zinc is a metal element . 
  • Quantity is 30 grams total 99.99% - industrial purity. 
  • The metal is in pellet form. 
  • Each pellet measures 1/4" diamater x 1/4" length. 
  • Weight is 1.43 grams per pellet. 
  • Buyer will receive 21 pellets with a total weight of 30.1 grams. 
  • Zinc is Atomic Element No. 30 on the periodic table of elements. 
  • Zinc is a silvery blue-grey metal with a relatively low melting point (419.5°C) and boiling point (907°C). 
  • When unalloyed, its strength and hardness is greater than that of tin or lead, but appreciably less than that of aluminium or copper. 
  • A major application of zinc is as an alloying addition to copper, forming the range of brasses. 
  • By varying the proportion of zinc, copper alloys can be produced with a range of physical properties. 
  • One of the most useful characteristics of zinc is its resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and just over half of its use is for the protection of steelwork. 
  • The position of zinc in the electromotive series of metals (below magnesium and aluminium but above cadmium, iron, nickel and hydrogen) means that if discontinuities in a coating of zinc on steel occur, sacrificial protection is provided with the zinc corroding preferentially in most media. 
  • It is the combination of this property with high corrosion resistance that makes it so widely used. 
  • The electronegative character of zinc also leads to its use in considerable quantities in dry batteries.

Additional Information

SKU Zn30
Color N/A
Magnetic Material No
Grade No
Coating No
Diameter/Length (in) No
Diameter/Length Fractional) N/A
Width (in) No
Width (fFractional) N/A
Width (mm) No
Thickness (in) No
Thickness (Fraction) N/A
Diameter/Length (mm) No
Thickness (mm) No
Pull Force (pounds) No
Maximum Operating Temperature (F) 179
Magnetization Direction Not Applicable

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