April 2014

  1. The Technology Behind the Magnetic Levitation Train

    The Technology Behind the Magnetic Levitation Train
    You may have heard of Japan’s Maglev Train-also known as the fastest floating train in the world, clocking in at an impressive 310 plus miles per hour speed. So far the Maglev train is only notably operating as a transport system in Japan, China, and a few other countries, but recent reports suggest that the impressive floating train technology could make its way to the U.S. in the near future. Continue reading →
  2. Mini Magnetic Robots May Revolutionize Manufacturing

    These magnetic microrobots are so small that they might be mistaken for tiny insects, but don’t let their size fool you. The research organization SRI International has been working on their magnetic mini-robot technology called Diamagnetic Micro Manipulation for DARPA’s Open Manufacturing Program. According to Wired, Darpa’s vision is to use the bots to, "lower the cost and speed of delivery of high-quality manufactured goods". Continue reading →
  3. How A Compass Works

    How A Compass Works
    The compass is one of the oldest navigation tools. It is so old that it’s unclear who is responsible for inventing it, but many believed it originated in China over 2,000 years ago. Today’s advanced technologies like GPS may make compasses seem pointless or obsolete. However, compasses have a major advantage over most of today’s fancy technologies. Because they use natural properties of magnetism to navigate and don’t require electricity or batteries, you don’t have to worry about losing its navigation capabilities. A compass is one of the most essential survival tools, but they do have a few limitations like their magnetic variations called magnetic and true north. Continue reading →
  4. Magnetic Earth Day Facts

    Magnetic Earth Day Facts
    The first Earth Day started on April 22, 1970 with over 20 million people across the United States rallying for increased environmental awareness and protection. Photos from the first Earth Day show some advocates wearing gas masks and others sitting outside city parks, buildings and other facilities to spread their message. Now, Earth Day is an official annual holiday celebrated for 44 years. Earth Day may happen once a year but there are many reasons why we should appreciate and protect the Earth all year round. Continue reading →
  5. DIY Easter Egg Magnets

    DIY Easter Egg Magnets
    Happy Easter! If you have some extra time this weekend amongst the holiday festivities here is a DIY that is low-budget and great for parents to do with the kids. These DIY egg magnets make colorful fridge accessories and can be a fun spin on the traditional egg dying activity. While hunting eggs, you can collect a few oval-shaped pebbles too, bring them back and get started! Below is the list of what you’ll need and how you can make your very own personalized Easter magnets (and memories). Continue reading →
  6. Scientist Wins Millenium Technology Prize for Data Storage Magnetic Innovation

    Scientist Wins Millenium Technology Prize for Data Storage Magnetic Innovation
    You may not be familiar with Professor Stuart Parkin, but you are probably very familiar with the technologies and online services that he made possible with his magnetic innovations. Prof. Parkin is credited with expanding the data storage capabilities of magnetic disk drives and devices and setting the foundation for many technologies we use today. Spintronics, the physics field in which Prof. Parkin is a leading innovator, uses the magnetic spin of electrons instead of their charge to store data bits. Continue reading →
  7. Experiment: Remove Iron from Cereal

    Experiment: Remove Iron from Cereal
    You may have heard tales of the additives in processed foods, but have you ever actually seen them? Unlike fairy tales, food additives do exist and can be found in many common processed foods. Continue reading →
  8. DIY: Magnetic Shoe & Clothes Locker

    DIY: Magnetic Shoe & Clothes Locker
    Replacing and professionally cleaning mud and other stains from your home’s carpet and other flooring can be costly. This spring you can minimize mess and keep your cleaning to minimum with this DIY project. A magnetic shoe locker is a great way to organize and could even help eliminate the frustration of constantly cleaning mud, rain, and other outdoor-to-indoor messes that are tracked into your home. Continue reading →
  9. Project Ara: A Modular Smartphone Using Electro-Permanent Magnets

    Project Ara: A Modular Smartphone Using Electro-Permanent Magnets
    One of the hot topics this week is Project Ara, a modular smartphone that can be customized and updated using electro-permanent magnets. If you haven’t heard about the project yet, it could entirely change the way we update our smartphones. For instance, instead of just buying a new phone and tossing out your old one every few years, Project Ara phone’s modular units will allow owners to simply replace and upgrade parts as needed. The smartphone fosters user customization and could possibly reduce the estimated 20 to 50 million tons of environmental e-waste generated each year. Continue reading →
  10. Diamagnetic Levitation Experiment with Cube Magnets

    Diamagnetic Levitation Experiment with Cube Magnets
    Diamagnetic materials hold properties that repel an applied magnetic field. Because of these properties it is possible to levitate a magnet when used in conjunction with diamagnetic materials. The principle of diamagnetic levitation has been known since the 1930s, but has only recently been used in practical applications like transport systems. A diamagnetic levitation experiment like the one below is both fun and educational. Continue reading →

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