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Apex Magnets Blog

A “Weird” Magnet Shouldn’t Exist, But It Does

After being theorized for decades, a material known as USb2 — a uranium and antimony compound—was found to be magnetic despite its singlet-.... Read more

Researchers Find Potential Source of Rare Earth Elements

Since China produces over 90 percent of rare earth elements—but sets limitations and regulations on exporting—researchers are trying to get.... Read more

The Ins and Outs of Magnet Procurement for Purchasing Managers

As purchasing manager, it is your primary responsibility to select the highest quality products for your business – goods that are safe, re.... Read more

Ordering Custom Magnets For Your Business? Start Here!

Are you responsible for placing a large-scale order for magnets, but can’t find exactly what you need? Purchasing custom magnets is an effe.... Read more

DIY Map Magnets

Create your own reminder of places traveled (or places you wish to travel to) with these DIY map magnets. If you don’t have any maps laying.... Read more

DIY Raw Crystal Magnets

Looking for a five minute DIY craft that will liven up the look of your refrigerator or desk? Treat yourself to trendy crystal magnets! Or,.... Read more

Create Your Own Backyard Magnetic Planetarium

As magnet enthusiasts, we read a lot about all things magnetic—from influential people making magnetic discoveries and magnets in technolog.... Read more

Easy Classroom Demonstrations with Magnets

Explaining the science of magnets to students can be difficult. Hearing the words come out of a teacher’s mouth is one thing but actually s.... Read more

Photography Made Easy: How to Use Magnets to Attach Gels to Lights

If you’re into photography, whether it’s as a hobby or your career, you know how important it is to get the perfect lighting. Color gels (o.... Read more

How They Used Our Apex Products: Book Magnets

As we learned in November, our Apex magnets can be used in some of the most innovative and creative ways. Our favorite uses are those share.... Read more

A World First: Wind Turbines Upgraded With High-Temperature Superconductors

For the first time in energy industry history, high-temperature superconductors—rather than permanent magnets—are being used in wind turbin.... Read more

Innovative Permanent Magnets Being Used for Revolutionary Energy Accelerator

  According to a report by the Brookhaven National Laboratory, a new test accelerator is currently under construction at Cornell Univer.... Read more