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3 Easy Magnet Hacks to Try at Home

Magnets are useful for projects both big and small, making them great tools for novices and seasoned DIYers. This week, we have collected three exciting magnet hacks that anyone can ...Read more

Table Saw Mastery With Magnets: How to Set Up a Temporary Stop Block for Accurate Cross Cuts

If you’ve ever struggled to achieve precise cross cuts on your table saw, fret not. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through a simple yet effective method ...Read more

Discovering Magnetic Fields Experiment

With only a few weeks left in the school year, many families are already planning unique and creative ways to keep their children interested in learning all summer long. Rather ...Read more

Magnetic Sand Experiment

From die-hard beachgoers to playing in your very own backyard sandbox, check out this fun magnetic sand experiment to keep the learning going for your kids all summer long! With ...Read more

Magnetic Discovery: Rare-earths Aging to Become Water Repellent

In a study published in Scientific Reports, researchers from the University of Basel, the Swiss Nanoscience Institute, and the Paul Scherrer Institute shed light on a fascinating phenomenon: surfaces coated ...Read more

Magnetic Design & Distribution In Europe: Prodin Leading the Pack

The story of magnetic design and distribution in Europe is layered. For example, Prodin, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, has been at the forefront of magnetic distribution in Europe since its ...Read more

Egg Carton Flower Magnets

If your green thumb could use a bit of practice, bring the entire family together to try this colorful craft and create your own recycled egg carton flower magnet garden! ...Read more

DIY Mousetrap Magnet Clip

If you like thinking outside the box, you are going to enjoy this week’s craft. While some may struggle to see uses for a mousetrap aside from their typical ...Read more

Magnetic Systems in Warehouse Transportation

Several companies around the world have really started to investigate the advantages of using robotic systems that rely on magnets to transport things around warehouses. This includes the ability to ...Read more

Permanent Magnets Used in Robots

For years, permanent magnets have played a vital role in the ever-expanding robotics industry, specifically in robot manufacturing. The design process pushes boundaries, is highly focused on sensors and motion, ...Read more
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