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Apex Magnets Blog

How the Moon Got "Sunburns" - Solar Wind and Magnetic Fields

As we all know, the Sun is powerful. So powerful that any object, person, or planet traveling through space is susceptible to the Sun’s dam.... Read more

How Scientists Can Use “Greener” Methods to Extract Rare-Earth Metals for Your Smartphone

Almost all technological products we use daily contain rare-earth metals, from computers and screens to networks, MRIs, batteries, magnets,.... Read more

Quick and Clever Ways to Use Magnets in the Office

When you think of magnets, where does your mind go first? Maybe an industrial backdrop – magnetic sweepers and lifters? Perhaps you think o.... Read more

Using Magnets in Magnetic Sign Production

From Papa John’s Pizza to political campaigns, we’ve grown accustomed to the colorful magnetic signage we see around the city or on the sid.... Read more

Bring Your Herbs Indoors with This DIY Magnetic Tea Tin Garden

If you’re looking to start a herb garden in a more controlled environment but don’t have enough shelf or counter space, we have the perfect.... Read more

National Craft Month: The Educator Edition

Calling all craft enthusiasts and educators—March is National Craft Month, and we wanted to celebrate by pulling together a DIY guide for y.... Read more

Create Your Own Backyard Magnetic Planetarium

As magnet enthusiasts, we read a lot about all things magnetic—from influential people making magnetic discoveries and magnets in technolog.... Read more

Easy Classroom Demonstrations with Magnets

Explaining the science of magnets to students can be difficult. Hearing the words come out of a teacher’s mouth is one thing but actually s.... Read more

Keeping Your Cabinet Doors Shut with Magnets

If you live in an older home that has settled, you may find that some of your cabinet doors won’t stay shut no matter what you try. Instead.... Read more

4 Uses for Cylinder Magnets

If you’re looking for a large pull force relative to the size of a magnet, cylinder magnets are the way to go. Their shape gives you plenty.... Read more

A World First: Wind Turbines Upgraded With High-Temperature Superconductors

For the first time in energy industry history, high-temperature superconductors—rather than permanent magnets—are being used in wind turbin.... Read more

How Are Permanent Magnets Being Used To Make A Revolutionary Energy Accelerator?

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is dedicated to answering basic and applied science questions that range “from the birth of our univers.... Read more