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Tips For Using Adhesive Magnets Throughout the Home

When it comes to ways to use adhesive magnets around the house, the only thing limiting yourself is your own creativity. Adhesive magnets have various purposes, and we’ll explore ...Read more

Using Magnets to Spruce Up Your Office or Desk

Are you tired of looking at the same bare walls or cluttered desk? Check out these functional and fun desk ideas to give you all the motivation you need to ...Read more

Schooling at Home With Magnets

Running out of ideas for how to lead science class? We’ve got you covered with these magnetic DIYs and blogs full of magnetic information to make your job of “...Read more

Magnet Experiments to Do While You're Bored

Are you cooped up in the house? Want to get the kids off the tv? Are you bored out of your mind? Here are some fun magnet experiments to try ...Read more

Carl Friedrich Gauss: Contributions to Magnetism

In addition to being a brilliant mathematician, astronomer, and physicist, Carl Friedrich Gauss was also a pioneer in the fields of magnetism and electricity. His contributions over his lifetime of ...Read more

Magnets and Automation in the Face of Social Distancing

The world is currently facing a pandemic and people are being encouraged to practice social distancing for the foreseeable future. The amount of recommended time for this kind of practice ...Read more

No-Sew DIY Magnet Fishing Game

Are you running out of games to play with your little ones but have little patience to make an elaborate craft? Try out this DIY magnet fishing game! The best ...Read more

Interactive Magnetic Art

From Japanese artist Yukako Hihara using magnets to design anti-gravity shoes to the late Greek sculptor, Takis’ art based in magnetism, magnets are always being used in creative ways! Now, ...Read more

The Three S’s of Industrial Magnets: Sweepers, Sorters, and Separators

When it comes to industrial uses for magnets, there are three pillars –– sweepers, sorters, and separators. These three categories, and the magnets that fall under them, are vital to the ...Read more

Using Magnets to Collect Martian Dust

Space exploration may still seem like science fiction to some, but rest assured, it is very real, and humanity is learning more each year. Our scientists are actually starting to ...Read more
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