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Strange Uses of Magnets

Quick — think of a magnet! Chances are, you pictured your fridge adorned with postcards and letters. Or maybe you thought about snapping a magnetic pen on a dry erase board. ...Read more

Magnets to the Rescue: How Magnets Can Get You Out of Sticky Situations

We’ve all been there - the ring that slipped down the drain, the battery that won’t budge --the list of inconvenient situations we all experience around the house ...Read more

Making Schooling at Home Easier With Magnets

Being a parent already has its stressors, but this year, homeschooling is becoming a new reality for so many. We commend parents who are now taking on the role of “...Read more

Schooling at Home With Magnets

Running out of ideas for how to lead science class? We’ve got you covered with these magnetic DIYs and blogs full of magnetic information to make your job of “...Read more

The Rich History of Magnets

Ever wonder where the word “magnet” comes from or what the story is behind it? It’s not as simple as you may think. Continue reading →Read more

Industries That Could Be Revolutionized Thanks to Magnetic Breakthroughs

When we think of items that have helped revolutionize various industries, we may think as far back as the printing press and its impacts on the newspaper industry. Maybe we ...Read more

Keep Things Hidden: DIY Secret Drawer With Magnets & More DIYs

If you have some extra time on your hands and want to spruce up your desk, this DIY drawer is a great project! The best part, the drawer will be ...Read more

DIY Magnet Gifts to Get Started on Now

Quarantine has given us a lot of extra time indoors to get ahead on our to-do lists. With time seemingly passing by, the holidays will be here before we know ...Read more

To Customize Or Not to Customize? The Question That Creates More Questions

If you’re wondering whether you need a customized magnet from Apex, or if perhaps there is an existing in-stock product that suits your needs, this is the blog for ...Read more

More on Magnetic Poles and Industry Standards

Truthfully, most of us know the bare minimum about magnetic poles. We know there are two of them — North and South poles — and that opposites attract. Some of us may ...Read more
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