May 2014

  1. Magnetic Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Magnetic Father’s Day Gift Ideas
    Father’s Day is quickly approaching and if you haven’t found the perfect gift for the father figure in your life, we have a few ideas! Your dad isn’t like any other dad. If you’d like to make the lucky parent in your life feel as special as they are this June 15th, make your gift a thoughtful one. Check out these gift ideas for the father figure in your life: Continue reading →
  2. How to Install a Magnetic Clasp to a Purse or Wallet

    How to Install a Magnetic Clasp to a Purse or Wallet
    Do you use a purse, clutch, wallet, phone holder or wristlet to carry around your personal belongings?  If so, you may be using a magnet every day without even noticing it. Magnets are commonly used as clasps in these items because of their many advantages. For instance, they have a strong closing power but are easier to open and close for individuals with arthritis, muscular dystrophy, or other conditions that can affect hand mobility. Continue reading →
  3. Make a Homopolar Motor with Neodymium Magnets

    Make a Homopolar Motor with Neodymium Magnets
    Magnets are used in electric motors to assist in transferring electrical energy to mechanical energy. The homopolar motor, the simplest electric motor, was first demonstrated by Michael Faraday in the early 1800s. His demonstration showed how electromagnetism can support motion, but the design used mercury and was not advanced enough to be used for any practical application. Nevertheless, the finding made the many advanced motor-based technologies that we see today possible. Continue reading →
  4. Creative Uses for Hook Magnets This Summer

    Creative Uses for Hook Magnets This Summer
    Magnets can come in handy in many tough situations. One of the great things about them is that they can hold heavy objects with a firm grip but can also be easily removed without damaging your home fixtures. When it comes to outdoor usage, hook magnets can be used in a number of different scenarios. Below we have gathered a few creative DIY uses for magnets! Continue reading →
  5. Magnet Innovation: Magnetic Street Art

    Magnet Innovation: Magnetic Street Art
    When you think of magnets, art may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, there is an urban art niche forming through the magnetic work of street artists like, Hego. Magnetic street art is created using strong magnets attached to ferrous outdoor places usually within an urban area. Because the street art is hung with magnets, it doesn’t damage the outdoor fixtures it is attached to and it is mobile. The mobility of the art is part of the idea behind Hego’s Magnetic Street Art project. Others can take his work with them and then hang it up somewhere else, creating a perpetually traveling art piece. Continue reading →
  6. Magnet Experiments: Make Magnetic Silly Putty

    Magnet Experiments: Make Magnetic Silly Putty
    You may remember playing with the stretchy and colorful goo-like globs called silly putty when you were a kid. Putty was actually invented by accident during World War II by James Wright, an engineer trying to come up with a cost-effective alternative to rubber for the U.S. military. He accidentally poured boric acid into silicone oil, creating the main ingredients of the the elastic toy we know today. However, the putty we know today wasn’t marketed as a fun pastime until Peter Hodgson saw its potential as a toy and bought the production rights after it was rendered useless as the military’s rubber alternative. One substance that is even more fun to experiment with than putty is magnetic putty. Magnetic putty has the same squishy texture as silly putty, but reacts with magnets in eye-catching ways. You can make your own magnetic putty with this simple and quick tutorial. Because this this experiment uses iron oxide powder it is meant for adult-use only and should not be done with small children. Continue reading →
  7. Make Jewelry Easy to Wear with Magnetic Clasps

    Make Jewelry Easy to Wear with Magnetic Clasps
    A magnetic jewelry clasp is often easier to use than other jewelry closure methods. Because it opens and closes with magnets, the jewelry is held in place securely but can also be removed easily by the wearer by pulling apart the magnetic closures. This is extremely convenient for individuals with arthritis or limited dexterity. There are several different types of magnetic clasps that you can choose from to construct your pieces but it is important to know what type to use. Before starting you must decide what type of magnetic clasp is best for your piece of jewelry. Here are a few tips to help you determine what type of magnetic jewelry clasp is best: Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Mother’s Day Gifts

    Magnetic Mother’s Day Gifts
    Showing your mother that you love her doesn't have to come with an expensive price tag. Some of the most heartfelt gifts are the ones we make ourselves. This is why we think this year do it yourself gifts are a great way to show mom you appreciate all the hard work she’s done. If you still haven’t picked a gift for your mom, here are a few creative DIY gift ideas. Continue reading →
  9. Magnetic Tape Could Make a Comeback

    Magnetic Tape Could Make a Comeback
    Cassette tapes may have the stigma of small outdated music collections, but a recent magnetic innovation may have just brought them back into mainstream data storage. The relationship between magnets and cassette tapes may not be immediately apparent, but it is actually magnetic tape that serves as the foundation for its data storage. Continue reading →
  10. May the Fourth be with You: The “Force” of Magnets

    May the Fourth be with You: The “Force” of Magnets
    Every geek, science lover, movie enthusiast, and anyone not living under a rock knows that Star Wars Day is May the Fourth! Even if you don’t believe in Lucas’ mystical ‘force’, there is a very real invisible force that we encounter everyday-Earth’s magnetic force. Like the power of the Jedi and Sith, magnetic fields are invisible and magnets possess an invisible but nevertheless powerful force. Magnetism is so powerful that it protects us by preventing space particles and other harmful obstacles from crashing into the Earth’s surface. It is also responsible for many cool scientific phenomenons. In honor of May the Fourth, we have compiled four of our favorite examples of the magnetic force in action. Continue reading →

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