December 2014

  1. Magnetic Holiday Light Ideas You Can Use Year-Round

    Magnetic Holiday Light Ideas You Can Use Year-Round
    Hanging up holidays lights for your home can be tedious, especially if you are using string, tape or some other laborious method to hang them. Instead, try using hook magnets for a one-step hanging solution. Simply attach a magnet to a ferrous part of your house, and hook the string lights up to it. Using hook magnets is a simple method to put lights up in your home, however, that doesn’t mean your light display has to be simple. Here are some creative ways to light up your home for the holidays with the help of magnets. Continue reading →
  2. DIY Magnetic Christmas Advent Calendar

    DIY Magnetic Christmas Advent Calendar
    Count down the days until Christmas with a fun DIY magnetic advent calendar! You can create an advent calendar with some simple everyday items and choose the presents to use inside. Plus, when you make one yourself you can customize it to fit your decor and interests like this person did with their Doctor Who inspired Tardis calendar. To create your own easy and festive advent calendar follow these instructions. Continue reading →

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