June 2015

  1. DIY Magnet Crafts For Independence Day

    DIY Magnet Crafts For Independence Day
    It’s almost the 4th of July! As you prepare for the holiday weekend, here are some helpful DIY magnet crafts you can use to make your life easier. Continue reading →
  2. 3 Uses For Electromagnetic Pulses

    3 Uses For Electromagnetic Pulses
    Electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) occur when a rapidly accelerating electric current generates a magnetic field and causes a burst of electromagnetic energy. Commonly caused by lightning strikes, EMPs can cause power outages and can even damage electronics by short-circuiting them. While we have ways of protecting ourselves against EMPs caused by lightning, can we use EMPs for our own purposes? Continue reading →
  3. Are Lightning Strikes Magnetic?

    Are Lightning Strikes Magnetic?
    There’s a reason why metal attracts lightning better than other materials: Electrical currents cause magnetic fields to form around them. Lightning strikes are rapidly moving electric currents and the movement of electric charges produces a magnetic field. This is called electromagnetism. The electromagnetic properties of lightning are apparent in several ways. The two most apparent magnetic properties of lightning, however, are remanent magnetization and electromagnetic pulses. Continue reading →
  4. What Is Paleomagnetism?

    What Is Paleomagnetism?
    Scientists can study the history of Earth’s magnetic field by using Earth’s rocks as records. Paleomagnetism is the study of magnetic rocks and sediments to record the history of the magnetic field. Some rocks and materials contain minerals that respond to the magnetic field. So, when rocks form, the minerals align with the magnetic field preserving its position. It’s called rock magnetism when rocks record the position of the magnetic field. The magnetic signature of the rocks allows paleomagnetists to date the rocks and map the position of the field at the time of their formation. Continue reading →
  5. What Is A Geomagnetic Storm?

    What Is A Geomagnetic Storm?
    A geomagnetic storm recently caused some unusual aurora sightings on Earth. The storm is a result of solar eruptions strong enough to disturb Earth’s magnetosphere. The magnetosphere usually protects us from solarwinds so what made this disturbance different? Continue reading →
  6. How To Make A Magnetometer

    How To Make A Magnetometer
    Magnetometers are used to measure the direction of a magnetic field or the magnetization of a magnetic material. They can also be used to measure geomagnetic storms. So, if you missed the aurora sightings from the latest geomagnetic storm you can predict the next ones with your own DIY magnetometer. Continue reading →
  7. Can Magnets Protect Against Cosmic Radiation?

    Can Magnets Protect Against Cosmic Radiation?
    Many people claim the first person to walk on the surface of Mars has already been born. But there are still several things to consider before we send an astronaut to Mars. The reality of prolonged space travel includes various dangers and challenges we have to overcome, not the least of which is cosmic radiation. Continue reading →
  8. The Future of Magnets in Space

    The Future of Magnets in Space
    Magnets already play a major role in space exploration, as discussed in an earlier blog post. But further developments in magnet technology have the potential to make space travel and study even easier. Already a promising material in the field of energy conservation, magnets may also improve spacecraft launch, help spaceships fly in formation, and get humans to Mars faster than we thought possible. Continue reading →
  9. DIY Magnetic Father’s Day Gifts

    DIY Magnetic Father’s Day Gifts
    Running out of time to get dad a memorable Father’s Day gift? You can use magnets to create these last minute presents for the hands-on dad who already has it all. Try making life easier for dad by cleaning the garage or making a magnetic wristband. Don’t be intimidated by this daunting task. You can make it fun and easy using magnets! Continue reading →
  10. 3 Ways We Use Magnets For Space Exploration

    3 Ways We Use Magnets For Space Exploration
    We use magnets in a variety of ways when it comes to studying and traveling in space.. From satellites to landing on the moon, magnets play a key role in the equipment used for space exploration. Here are three different examples of how we use magnets to learn more about outer space. Continue reading →

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