September 2015

  1. 5 Things To Magnetize With Heat Shrink Tubing

    5 Things To Magnetize With Heat Shrink Tubing
    When you have neodymium magnets the possibilities for innovative DIY crafts and home improvement projects are endless. You can can organize everything more efficiently or hang temporary decorations for fall with magnets. If you add heat shrink tubing to your supply list, there are even more possibilities especially if you want to avoid a gluey mess. Here are five things you can magnetize with heat shrink tubing to make them easily accessible and harder to lose: Continue reading →
  2. 3 Magnet DIYs With Autumn Leaves

    3 Magnet DIYs With Autumn Leaves
    Creating decorations and doing crafts are great ways to start off the fall season this year. With the days growing shorter and the weather getting colder, here are a few fun indoor magnet DIYs you can do with fall leaves: Continue reading →
  3. DIY Upcycled Keyboard Magnets

    DIY Upcycled Keyboard Magnets
    Leaving messages on the fridge is a fun and traditional way to communicate with your family or roommates. Creating your own refrigerator magnets is also an easy and fun way to recycle unwanted items such as old electronics. Instead of buying alphabet magnets you can upgrade your magnetized message board with this DIY tutorial for upcycled keyboard magnets: Continue reading →
  4. Using Heat Shrink Tubing With Magnet Projects

    Using Heat Shrink Tubing With Magnet Projects
    Several DIY projects involve gluing magnets onto other objects in order to magnetize them for organizational purposes. But for some DIY projects, glue or tape might not be the right type of adhesives for the job. Glue can be messy and tape may not last long for objects that aren’t stationary. So, if you need a more permanent and less messy solution for DIY magnet projects, try using heat shrink tubing. Continue reading →
  5. DIY Magnetically Levitating Storage

    DIY Magnetically Levitating Storage
    As the temperature drops, it’s time to pull out your fall decorations and winter weather clothes and put away your summer wardrobe. Before you throw all of your summer things into the back of your closet, there are several ways you can organize your space more efficiently to fit everything neatly into place. If you’ve tried using shelves and continue to run out of room, try this tutorial for magnetically levitating storage shelves. Continue reading →
  6. What Is A Magnetic Wormhole?

    What Is A Magnetic Wormhole?
    You may remember wormholes as a phenomenon of science fiction capable of transporting objects over great distances due to a wrinkle in space and time from references in pop culture such as Star Trek or Interstellar. But wormholes are much more than works of science fiction as was recently demonstrated by scientists in the physics department at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona who were able to generate a magnetic wormhole in their lab. Continue reading →
  7. 5 Cool Things That Levitate Using Magnetism

    5 Cool Things That Levitate Using Magnetism
    People can already travel by levitating, whether via maglev trains or the Hendo Hoverboard. So, engineers and scientists are making it easier to defy gravity within your own home as well. Magnetic levitation isn’t just for science experiments anymore. Now, you can find several cool objects that float using magnetic levitation. From toys and tools to furniture, here are a few cool magnetic things you can impress your friends with as they levitate. Continue reading →
  8. The Role of Magnetism in Binary Systems

    The Role of Magnetism in Binary Systems
    Can you imagine if the Earth were orbiting two stars instead of just the Sun? Our solar system would then become a binary solar system and, if science fiction books and movies are to be believed, the weather would be pretty hot. You may remember how a dusty, desert planet called Tatooine from the Star Wars movies orbited two stars. Continue reading →
  9. What Is Magnetic Field Architecture?

    What Is Magnetic Field Architecture?
    In the future, not only could you be zooming around on a hoverboard, but your house may also float and your robot assistant at work could levitate to avoid obstacles and maintain a sterile space. This may seem too far-fetched to be happening anytime soon, but a company called Arx Pax is working to change that with magnetic field architecture (MFA). Continue reading →
  10. What Is A Magnetic ‘Tractor Beam’?

    What Is A Magnetic ‘Tractor Beam’?
    In the news recently, you may have seen a few companies debut their versions of magnetic hoverboards such as Lexus and Arx Pax. While the hoverboards aren’t quite ready for public consumption, they did pique the interests of NASA scientists. NASA partnered with Arx Pax to use their Hendo Hoverboard engine technology to develop a magnetic ‘tractor beam’. So, what is a ‘tractor beam’ and what does it have to do with the Hendo Hoverboard? Continue reading →

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