October 2015

  1. The Science Behind Ferrofluids

    The Science Behind Ferrofluids
    While most rare earth magnets are made from the rock hard materials we’re familiar with, not all appear in that classic solid form. Ferrofluid is a stable colloidal suspension of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. So, simply, it is a liquid that contains tiny magnetic particles. It’s magnetic properties comes from the magnetized iron oxide it contains. These particles are known as nanoparticles because of their small size -- the particles are actually so small that they never fully settle to the bottom of their container! Continue reading →
  2. What To Do With Monster Magnets

    What To Do With Monster Magnets
    You can use small neodymium magnets for any number of simple crafts and DIY projects, but what about huge, monster magnets? Scary magnets are large and usually used for industrial purposes or for science experiments in a laboratory. This is because they are dangerous to handle. The most important thing to remember about these large magnets is that they can be much more difficult to control than smaller magnets. You should be very careful while using magnets and follow magnet safety guidelines. But there are a few things you can do with scary magnets at home as long as you are careful. Continue reading →
  3. Last-Minute Magnetic Jellyfish Costume

    Last-Minute Magnetic Jellyfish Costume
    Halloween is only a few days away and you’re running out of time to get your Halloween costume ready. If you’re looking for something easy and inexpensive to make, try this jellyfish costume! All you need is an umbrella, some streamers, and magnets. And, because you’re using magnets, you can reuse the umbrella after your Halloween party! Continue reading →
  4. 3 Halloween Decorations You Can Hang With Magnets

    3 Halloween Decorations You Can Hang With Magnets
    You can make decorating for Halloween quick and easy by using magnets to hold your spooky decorations in place. Putting Halloween decorations up is always significantly more fun than taking them down. With magnets, you can make both steps of the decorating process as simple and painless as possible. Here’s how to get started: Continue reading →
  5. Why Ghosts Are Magnetic

    Why Ghosts Are Magnetic
    If you’ve ever been alone in an old house or graveyard at night, it might seem like every little sound is amplified and menacing. The hair on the back of your neck stands up and you feel like someone is watching you. Even if though you don’t believe in ghosts, in certain spooky situations it’s not difficult to imagine a ghostly apparition coming to get you. So, what’s causing your normally rational brain to conjure ghosts and make you feel paranoid? It might be that a nearby electromagnetic field is bringing back the dead. Continue reading →
  6. 3 Easy DIY Magnet Projects For Halloween

    3 Easy DIY Magnet Projects For Halloween
    Halloween is only a week away! As you start decorating for your Halloween party or to impress your neighbors during trick or treating, you can use neodymium magnets for temporary decorating solutions. Magnets can be used to hang streamers and spooky garlands without causing permanent damage to your walls or furniture. If you’re running out of time, here are some easy DIY magnet crafts to try for Halloween: Continue reading →
  7. How To Use Magnetic Field Viewer Film

    How To Use Magnetic Field Viewer Film
    There are many different ways to see magnetic fields even though they are invisible to the naked eye. You can use a compass or iron filings to determine the direction and boundaries of a magnetic field. Or you can use magnetic field viewer film to see the magnetic field lines of magnets. It’s usually used by hobbyists to examine electronics. So, how does it work? Continue reading →
  8. The Magnetic Devices Of The Ghostbusters

    The Magnetic Devices Of The Ghostbusters
    The link between magnetic fields and ghosts has been carefully studied by many paranormal researchers and ghost hunters. None more famous though than the Ghostbusters of the 1984 film. Even everyone’s four favorite paranormal scientists used electromagnetic devices as they tracked and captured the ghoulish monsters preying on innocent librarians and Sigourney Weaver. How useful would their magnetic devices be in reality? Continue reading →
  9. Make Decorating Pumpkins Easy With Magnets

    Make Decorating Pumpkins Easy With Magnets
    Carving pumpkins is a traditional way to celebrate and decorate for fall. The jack o’lantern tradition originated in Irish folklore with a mischievous man named Jack. According to the tale, Jack tricked the devil into promising to never take his soul. But when Jack died he wasn’t allowed into heaven either because he’d lived a sinful life. So, he was left to wander the Earth with an everlasting coal which he put inside a turnip. Continue reading →
  10. DIY Magnetic Spider Web Game

    DIY Magnetic Spider Web Game
    Aside from trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins and bobbing for apples, what other activities can you have at your Halloween celebration? In addition to costume contests, try this spooky version of darts for your Halloween party. For this project, you’ll need several strong magnets as well as plenty of space to play. Continue reading →

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