February 2016

  1. DIY Magnet Trampoline

    DIY Magnet Trampoline
    The basics of positive and negative force can be difficult to understand without hands on experience. That’s why playing with magnets is not only fun, but also educational! An extremely enjoyable and slightly addictive way to do this is by creating a magnet trampoline. Continue reading →
  2. How We Ship Monster Magnets

    How We Ship Monster Magnets
    Shipping magnets ordinarily isn’t a problem. With proper packaging and timely delivery, we can have your Apex Magnet’s order at your door within two days. But when it comes to shipping large, powerful magnets, problems can arise as they travel from metal truck to metal truck. Our large neodymium magnets are capable of attracting metal through several layers of ordinary packing material. Instead of forcing your mail carrier to pry the magnetic package off the metal truck with a crowbar, we carefully pack our rare earth magnets such as the 6” x 2” disc magnet so they are more convenient for travel. Here’s how we do it: Continue reading →
  3. 5 Simple Household Magnet Hacks

    5 Simple Household Magnet Hacks
    There are many great qualities that magnets possess, like strength and reliability. But what may be their best quality is their usefulness. In addition to the obvious, like holding photos on your fridge, magnets have the ability to perform several tasks you may not have thought of yet. There are plenty of DIY magnet projects out there, but this one was designed to be one thing, simple. Let your brain take a minute off and use these five simple hacks to make your life a little easier: Continue reading →
  4. 3 Ways Magnets Make Life Easier For Cyclists

    3 Ways Magnets Make Life Easier For Cyclists
    Cycling doesn’t just benefit your health, it’s also good for your wallet. When you bike to work all of the expenses that come with a car become irrelevant. You don’t have to pay for gas, maintenance, or even parking when you ride a bike. Riding a bike to work is an easy way to avoid the gym and still exercise everyday. Instead of wasting precious minutes stuck in traffic, you can speed along and arrive at work on time and energized. While there are numerous advantages to biking instead of driving, there are a few inconvenient aspects as well. For example, bikes don’t have headlights, which makes it difficult to see in the dark. Carrying essentials like your phone, keys, and wallet also become more challenging while on a bike. Here’s how magnets can solve these problems and make life easier for cyclists: Continue reading →
  5. DIY Magnetic Terrariums

    DIY Magnetic Terrariums
    Terrariums are all the rage right now -- but, if you don’t have the money or space to make larger pieces to add to your decor, small magnetic terrariums may be the way to go. Terrariums are glass containers that house small plants inside. They can be sealed to allow for more plant growth or open to the atmosphere. They are often kept as decorative or ornamental items. These pieces are very easy to make, but real plants and large glass containers can cost you a pretty penny. Follow our guide to make some mini magnetic terrariums to add some boho decor to your home. Continue reading →
  6. St. Patrick's Day Science Experiment

    St. Patrick's Day Science Experiment
    St. Patrick’s Day is usually associated with lucky clovers, leprechauns, and gold at the end of rainbows. Unfortunately, gold is not magnetic so it’s more difficult to find even when using a rainbow as a map. What metals are magnetic? Here’s a fun St. Patrick’s Day-themed science experiment you can try to determine what materials have magnetic properties and how they move through different density’s when a magnetic field is applied: Continue reading →
  7. Upgrade Your Egg Hunt with Magnets

    Upgrade Your Egg Hunt with Magnets
    Searching for colorful plastic eggs filled with treats is a traditional spring activity for many people. This treasure hunt is a great way to enjoy the warmer weather and longer days. But if you’re the one stuck hiding the eggs every year it’s probably more and more challenging to come up with new hiding spots. This is where rare earth magnets can help. You can make your egg hunt extra fun by using magnets to hide the treasure in new and interesting places. Here’s how to get started: Continue reading →
  8. 4 Mesmerizing Magnet Videos

    4 Mesmerizing Magnet Videos
    In general, it can be said that videos on the Internet have a certain “magnetic” quality to them, whether you’re watching them to learn new things, to check out the latest Beyoncé music video, or even just to procrastinate. But, they can become even more mesmerizing with the presence of actual magnets.   We’ve rounded up 4 of the most mesmerizing magnet videos we could find online...and one bonus one that is only technically on topic, but that you’ll enjoy all the same. Check them out: Continue reading →
  9. What Makes the Air Bonsai Tree Float?

    What Makes the Air Bonsai Tree Float?
    Bonsai tree origins reach back over a thousand years, but one Japanese company is changing the way you look at them forever. When translated to English, the word Bonsai means “planted in container.” The team at Air Bonsai has taken the traditional idea of what a plant’s container should be and floated it a few inches off the ground. With the help of super strong magnets, Air Bonsai puts the little trees in a completely different perspective. Continue reading →

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