April 2016

  1. DIY Magnetic Road Trip Hacks

    DIY Magnetic Road Trip Hacks
    There's nothing quite like rolling the windows down, turning the music up, and hitting the open road. Spring is the perfect time of year for that road trip you’ve been dreaming of for ages. So, why not “carpe that diem” and start planning your adventure? It’s always important to travel with a light load on any road trip you take, but a few small tools can make a huge difference during your travels. Once you’ve packed your first aid kit and cooler, try your hand at some of these DIY magnet projects to hack your way to road trip greatness! Continue reading →
  2. 7 Ways to Use a Magnetic Rack

    7 Ways to Use a Magnetic Rack
    There is almost an endless amount of ways that a magnet can be used. They especially come in handy around the house, from hanging important things on the refrigerator to using them to pick up stray screws and nails in the garage. But one of the best ways to use magnets around the house is by using a magnetic strip. Because we like them so much, we put together a list of our favorite ways to use them! Continue reading →
  3. DIY Magnetic Socket Holder

    DIY Magnetic Socket Holder
    If there’s one thing that sockets and socks have in common, it’s that for some reason they both always disappear. Because they are so small it makes them easy to lose, plus most boxes that they come in don’t keep them in their proper spots after initially opening it. One of the good things about them is that they are relatively cheap compared to other tools, which means you probably have multiple sets. To help you complete your sets, or keep your current set in one place we’ve put together a DIY magnet project that will keep them all in one, secure place. Continue reading →
  4. DIY Hanging Magnetic Compass

    DIY Hanging Magnetic Compass
    In a past post we covered how magnets were discovered in China during the Qin dynasty (221-206 BC.) We used some of their original techniques to make a compass using a sewing needle and bowl of water, but sometimes a bowl of water is not around when you really need a compass, like when taking a hike. For those who don’t have bowl handy, you can use this DIY magnetic compass to find the true magnetic north. Continue reading →
  5. Top 5 Magnetic Organizational Boards

    Top 5 Magnetic Organizational Boards
    In addition to being amazing tools of innovation in physics and science, magnets also fulfill simple household needs of organization better than most materials. When you have really strong magnets at your disposal, you can store and display everything in your home more efficiently, even your bed! Here are a few of our favorite DIY magnetic bulletin boards: Continue reading →
  6. DIY Game Boy Fridge Magnet

    DIY Game Boy Fridge Magnet
    If you grew up in the ‘90s, this DIY magnet project will certainly inspire some nostalgic feelings for you. Launching in 1989, the hand-held gaming console, Game Boy, wasn’t the first to be released, but changed how the world would view them over the next 25 years. To bring back all those great feelings you had playing your Game Boy on the school bus, we’re going to transform your refrigerator into one. You won’t be able to play any actual games, but it will be great for keeping track of grocery lists, to-do lists, and provide a place to quickly write notes down. Before we get started, you’re going to need to get some materials to complete the project. Continue reading →
  7. DIY Magnetic Building Sticks

    DIY Magnetic Building Sticks
    As far as DIY projects go, nearly all of them involve an adhesive of some sort. But attaching magnets with glue or using tape may not be the best way to approach every project. If you need a long-lasting, mess-free adhesive, heat shrink tubing is a great tool to use. While there are many uses for it in other magnet projects, we have one that will make the most of this incredible tubing. Continue reading →
  8. DIY Magnetic Plant Markers

    DIY Magnetic Plant Markers
    Happy Earth Day! While you’re out celebrating the beautiful planet we live on, don’t forget to tend your garden. Before planting, you want to make sure you can remember what rows will yield which plants. You can use magnetic plant markers to keep track of the plants in your garden so you know which vegetables to expect from each row. Here’s how to make your own magnetic plant markers: Continue reading →
  9. Magnet Hacks for Hikers

    Magnet Hacks for Hikers
    It’s finally hiking and camping season, which means it’s time to dust off your tent and break out your gear. No matter how expensive or popular your outdoor gear is though, you can still improve it with magnets. Here are a few ways magnets can make life easier for you as you explore the great outdoors: Continue reading →
  10. DIY Magnetic Star Wars Night Light

    DIY Magnetic Star Wars Night Light
    Question: what decade are we in? Because by the amount of Star Wars memorabilia you can find these days, you’d think it was 1980. Though the 80’s might seem like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, it’s pretty apparent that this revival will be around for a while longer. That means it’s as good a time as any to hop on the bandwagon and make some Star Wars themed crafts. We all know that “once you start down a dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.” And what is the best way to steer clear of the dark side? By making a nightlight to guide you on your journey (whether to Tatooine or just to the bathroom)! These Star Wars themed nightlights are adorable and extremely easy and fun to make. May the (magnetic) Force be with you! Continue reading →

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