June 2016

  1. DIY Fridge Bottle Hanger

    DIY Fridge Bottle Hanger
    It’s that time of year again, the sun is shining, the days are longer and it seems like every weekend a new party, graduation or family get-together is happening. Although these times are fun, there’s one thing they all have in common, food and drinks. As your fridge begins to fill with leftovers, you’ll have to decide what’s most important, cold drinks or unspoiled food. Well, now you don’t have to decide. We’ve put together a step by step DIY magnet project that will have all of your metal topped bottles hanging above the food containers. Whether you have beer, soda or even an iced coffee, this project is sure to free up space in your fridge. Continue reading →
  2. Magnetoreception: The Animal Kingdom’s Real-Life Super Power

    Magnetoreception: The Animal Kingdom’s Real-Life Super Power
    For generations, animals of all kinds have baffled scientists with their ability to navigate and migrate, never losing their way even when flying over vast plains or swimming through the deep dark sea. While we humans need to rely on the sun and stars (and more recently, our phones’ GPS), the animal kingdom has a better solution. It’s called magnetoreception, and it allows them to use the earth’s magnetic field to get where they need to go! Continue reading →
  3. Ancient Earth's Bizarre Magnetism

    Ancient Earth's Bizarre Magnetism
    When you picture a magnetic field, you probably think of a sketch from grade school: a magnet with loops from the north to the south pole. By and large, this model holds up, and the earth’s magnetic field operates in the same way. But what if this hadn’t always been the case? New research suggests that, in fact, the earth may have had more than two poles for a tumultuous period of its history. Thus, instead of the symmetrical and familiar magnetic model, half a billion years ago, the earth’s magnetism was a messy model of poles and fields. But how did this work exactly? And how did researchers come to this conclusion? Continue reading →
  4. Understanding the Milky Way's Magnetic Field

    Understanding the Milky Way's Magnetic Field
    You probably already know that our planet has an intrinsic magnetic field, and you might even know that it’s caused by the earth’s swirling molten core. What you might not know, however, is that plenty of other cosmic objects in the universe have magnetic fields, including our very own Milky Way Galaxy. This force, along with gravity, helps hold the galaxy together and is partially responsible for its beautiful spiral shape. Magnetic fields also play a part in astronomical events like solar flares and the evolution of stars. Though scientists have conducted research to better understand these important fields created by our galaxy, they still hold many mysteries. Continue reading →
  5. Earth's Magnetism and the Geodynamo Paradox

    Earth's Magnetism and the Geodynamo Paradox
    Earth’s magnetic field is one of the reasons our planet is inhabitable. Without the protection of magnetism, Earth would face the dangers of space like cosmic radiation, which would be catastrophic for life on the surface. While we understand the basic process powering the magnetic field, the origins and evolution of our magnetic bubble are a little unclear. So, what processes sustain the magnetic field and how did it evolve? Continue reading →
  6. DIY Magnetic Spill-Proof Drink Tray

    DIY Magnetic Spill-Proof Drink Tray
    Let’s face it: everyone has spilled or broken a glass. This unavoidable mishap can happen when we’re alone, but it can be an even easier accident to make whenever you have guests in your home. Nothing is quite worse than needing to clean the carpet mid-party and even worse, some stains may never fully wash out of clothing, carpet, or upholstery. But with the help of magnets, you can make carrying drinks much easier than ever before. Continue reading →
  7. Could Magnets Make Football Helmets Safer?

    Could Magnets Make Football Helmets Safer?
    If you’ve followed the NFL in recent years, you’ve heard about the troubling issue of concussions affecting not only those currently playing, but players retired from the field. Repeat concussions and helmet-to-helmet hits cause significant brain damage later in life. How could magnets be used to improve the effectiveness of helmets in football? Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Space Boots and Science Fiction

    Magnetic Space Boots and Science Fiction
    Magnets are so useful on Earth that it’s not surprising many science fiction writers find ways for their characters to use them in space. While magnets have the potential to be used in several ways in space, they most often appear as boots. Magnetic boots are useful for space travel where gravity isn’t always there to orient everything. The boots employ large magnets that attract to the metal floor or hulls of a spacecraft allowing the wearer to remain upright in zero gravity. Here are two notable moments in science fiction film and TV where magnetic boots played a prominent role: Continue reading →

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