July 2016

  1. Show Your Pokemon GO Pride with Team Buttons

    Show Your Pokemon GO Pride with Team Buttons
    We know you want to be the very best, like no one ever was. Whether you’re an old fan or new to the craze, we’re sure you’ve heard about Pokémon Go. The augmented reality app separates players into three teams and sends them out into the world to ‘Catch ‘Em All!’ If you want to show your team pride, you’re going to need some insignia. A magnetic button to attach to your hat, bookbag, or shirt is the perfect way to let everyone know where your allegiances lie. First, make sure you’ve picked your team: are you Team Mystic, Team Instinct, or Team Valor? Continue reading →
  2. Rock n’ Roll: Brought to You by Magnets

    Rock n’ Roll: Brought to You by Magnets
    Part 2: Speakers and Amps In Part 1 of this post we discussed how magnets are used in guitar pickups to bring the sounds of rock alive. In part 2 we’re going to talk about how magnets are involved in the other end of the experience: hearing the music. Whether you’re listening to live rock or jamming out to your favorite album at home, magnets are involved. Amplifiers and speakers use magnets to catch vibrations by musical tones. These sounds are then magnified, allowing you to rock out. But how does it really work? Continue reading →
  3. Magnetically Controlled Microbots

    Magnetically Controlled Microbots
    Remember those old movies where they use a shrink ray on a team of scientists to go inside a person’s body? Safely inside their microscopic submarine, they enter the patient in order to unclog an artery or destroy some deadly germ. There’s usually one guy trying to sabotage the whole operation. While science has yet to perfect shrink ray technology, new advances in microbiology may soon have a way of controlling bacteria-sized microbots capable of following magnetic directions to ailing parts of the body. This advent could be used for minimally invasive exploratory surgery or even to deliver medicine to the exact spot the body needs it. Continue reading →
  4. Magnets & Ferrofluids Co-Star in New Short Film

    Magnets & Ferrofluids Co-Star in New Short Film
    Through the power of magnetism, a new animated short film takes its viewers to a snowy Norwegian wood. Instead of ink and paper or even computer graphics, this film uses iron filings as its medium. The film, appropriately titled “Ferro” (derived from ferrous, the Latin for iron), was made by Norte Estudio and employs both familiar and revolutionary technology to craft this 75-second film. You can view the it on Norte’s Vimeo page here. Continue reading →
  5. 5 Cool Magnetic Science Experiments

    5 Cool Magnetic Science Experiments
    Magnets are useful tools for DIY projects and crafts. They also make fun science experiments! Whether you’re learning about magnetism or experimenting with different types of magnets for a project, check out these five experiments and demonstrations from our YouTube channel: Continue reading →
  6. Magnetism and the Data Storage Crisis

    Magnetism and the Data Storage Crisis
    We don’t usually think of data taking up too much space in the grand scheme of things. You might get a message from Google or Apple telling you your storage is almost full, then you are forced to delete all those photos you’ve accumulated over the past few months and your problem is solved (until next time, at least). But what happens when the entire planet receives this notification? Between external hard drives and online storage services like the Cloud, it seems like there is infinite space for all of our photos and documents and music files and the countless other things to which we need access at a moment’s notice. But this is not the case. Continue reading →
  7. 4 Informational Magnet Videos

    4 Informational Magnet Videos
    As you buy and use neodymium magnets for different crafts and home improvement projects, you may develop some questions. For example, what’s the difference between axial and diametric magnetization? Or, how do you separate really strong magnets? Fortunately, the Apex Magnets YouTube Channel has all the answers. Continue reading →
  8. 4 Fun Facts about Magnets and Sharks

    4 Fun Facts about Magnets and Sharks
    With summer in full swing, you probably have a few beach trips planned. Whether you’re a swimmer, surfer, or snorkeler, the threat of sharks may have crossed your mind at some point while exploring the ocean. Most of the time sharks are not nearly as bloodthirsty as the monster from Jaws, but if you’re worried, here are a few fun facts about sharks and magnets to keep in mind: Continue reading →
  9. The Etymology of Magnets

    The Etymology of Magnets
    We often take the everyday words we use for granted. Where do they come from? How were they formed? When was the first time they were used? These are questions the study of etymology strives to answer. The subject of this blog post is the etymology of the word “magnet” and its derivations (magnetism, magnetize, magnetization). Continue reading →
  10. Rock n'Roll: Brought to You By Magnets

    Rock n'Roll: Brought to You By Magnets
    Part 1 - Guitar Pickups If you play electric guitar or bass, chances are you already know what pickups are. It’s also likely that you have some pretty strong opinions on them. For those of you who don’t play, pickups are the devices that essentially make an electric guitar, well, electric. Pickups are super sensitive magnets installed in the body of the guitar and wrapped in copper wire. Continue reading →

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