September 2016

  1. Shrinking Coins with Electromagnetism

    Shrinking Coins with Electromagnetism
    The saying ‘bigger is better’ has taken the nation by storm, whether it’s describing the size of your phone or your television. But for the people over at Physics Girl, they’ve taken a liking to the exact opposite of that perspective, shrinking. Now you may remember “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” where an inventor’s shrink ray miniaturized his children, but this shrinking isn’t movie magic. Using a capacitor, a coil and some electricity they are able to actually shrink a quarter to a notably smaller size. Although it isn’t truly shrinking, but more compressing, it gives the illusion that the quarter has been shrunk down. Continue reading →
  2. DIY Hidden Magnet Messages

    DIY Hidden Magnet Messages
    No matter who you are there’s a good chance at one point in your life you’ve kept a secret. Whether it was about a surprise party, or your best friend’s crush, there’s no escaping secrecy. But, what if you could hide any secret message right in plain sight? With the power of magnets, this is possible. Using a magnetic viewfinder, you can create any message, mantra, or secret and hide it without anyone ever knowing it’s there. To help you create this, we’ve put together this DIY magnet project for you. Continue reading →
  3. Magnets Are Cool: 3 Magnetic Moments from Doctor Who

    Magnets Are Cool: 3 Magnetic Moments from Doctor Who
    If you’re unfamiliar with the ultra-popular BBC scifi show, Doctor Who, the series follows the unnamed Doctor travelling through space and time in his blue box (TARDIS) and saving the universe time and time again. Like many science fiction series, Doctor Who employs a lot of imaginative, if not inconceivable, technology. There’s the TARDIS itself, which any Whovian will tell you is bigger on the inside; the Doctor’s trusty sonic screwdriver that’s capable of unlocking almost any door; and psychic paper that shows the reader exactly what they want to see. Yes, the tech in Doctor Who is what you’d expect from a show about time travel and aliens. This piqued our interest. Surely there had to be some instances of magnetism in its historic 50 years on air! We’ve searched space and time to bring you our favorite magnets from Doctor Who: Continue reading →
  4. What Proxima Centauri’s Magnetic Field Means for Proxima B

    What Proxima Centauri’s Magnetic Field Means for Proxima B
    You may have heard that a new exoplanet was discovered orbiting the red dwarf Proxima Centauri. It’s a mere 4 light years from Earth, though it would take us about 20 years to travel there. Scientists are quick to point out that this new planet, dubbed Proxima B, is in what they call the “habitable zone.” Basically, Proxima B’s distance from its respective star suggests the planet could contain liquid water and maybe even sustain life! Continue reading →
  5. James Bond's Magnetic Gadgets

    James Bond's Magnetic Gadgets
    Since 1962, James Bond has marvelled audiences with his debonair charm, world-saving feats, and of course, his amazing gadgets! While the list of gadgets is certainly extensive, one very devoted blogger examined all 24 films for any magnetic tech .007 has used on Her Majesty’s secret service. Continue reading →

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