January 2017

  1. DIY Magnetic Mosaic

    DIY Magnetic Mosaic
    In terms of art history, few media date back further than mosaics. Mosaics are typically made of hundreds, if not thousands of tiles, painstakingly arranged to create a larger image. While the traditional way is definitely time-consuming, with a little reverse-engineering and some trusty magnets, you can make your own mosaic out of any image you’d like! Continue reading →
  2. Cure the Winter Blues with Game-Inspired Magnet Crafts

    Cure the Winter Blues with Game-Inspired Magnet Crafts
    We still have more than a few weeks left of winter, and you might find yourself getting antsy for spring. The cold temperatures and frequent snowfall can put a downer on plans, and you end up staying inside more often than not. However, there are some fun activities to do to keep you busy and take your mind off of the droning winter, such as playing games! Whether it’s board games or puzzles, they will entertain everyone in your home for hours. Continue reading →
  3. The Magnetic Molten River

    The Magnetic Molten River
    Scientists recently discovered a river of molten iron, coursing at astounding speeds underneath Canada, Alaska and Russia. What is more surprising is how long the river went completely unnoticed. By studying Earth’s magnetic field, geologists were able to detect this phenomenon and assess what it means for the entire planet. Continue reading →
  4. DIY Map Magnet Puzzle

    DIY Map Magnet Puzzle
    Map’s aren’t only a great learning tool, they are also a unique decor element, especially when it comes to an entire map on your fridge! Here’s an awesome project that you can customize for your style and your preference: a DIY Map Magnet Puzzle. Continue reading →
  5. DIY Book Quote Magnets

    DIY Book Quote Magnets
    At Apex, we’re always looking for ways to create customizable magnets for your fridge, and this is no exception. This do-it-yourself project not only makes great decor for your fridge or any other magnetic surface, but also makes a great gift for your fellow book lovers.   Continue reading →
  6. DIY Magic Magnetic Desk Sculpture

    DIY Magic Magnetic Desk Sculpture
    Magnets can sometimes feel like magic — their ability to both push and pull each other, as well as other metals, has attracted people for centuries. But if you thought magnets were only for fridges, think again! This magnetic DIY will impress your friends and astound your coworkers — faster than you can say “ta-da!” Continue reading →
  7. Twinkle, Twinkle Little...Magnet?

    Twinkle, Twinkle Little...Magnet?
    For nearly 50 years, scientists have been studying two distinct types of stars: Pulsars and magnetars. As far as anyone knew, they were right — these two types of stars had very different behaviors, though there has been some evidence that perhaps they were linked. A new transition state may prove further connections between these two types of stars. Continue reading →
  8. Make Your Own Magnetic Carcassonne

    Make Your Own Magnetic Carcassonne
    When it comes to modern board games, there’s no game that’s more well-known and accessible to players of all ages than Carcassonne. Part of the “modern renaissance” of board games, this tile-laying games attracts a wide variety of players for its simplicity, easy rules, and deep strategy. Continue reading →
  9. DIY Magnetic Sheet Music Tutor

    DIY Magnetic Sheet Music Tutor
    While we tend to focus on the scientific and mathematical side of life, we still love the arts! That’s the great thing about magnets—they’re useful almost everywhere. With that in mind, we thought we’d turn our attention to music. Specifically, those learning to sing or play an instrument. Continue reading →
  10. The Alien Magnetic Avalanche

    The Alien Magnetic Avalanche
    While astronomers and astrophysicists continue to explore the infinite expanses of outer space, making discovery after discovery, the truth is we have only uncovered the smallest fraction of our universe. There are still plenty of mysteries left out there, some that puzzle scientists to no end. Continue reading →

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