February 2017

  1. DIY Copper Pipe Magnet Vase

    DIY Copper Pipe Magnet Vase
    Spring is just around the corner, and there’s not a better way to celebrate than to create an outdoor or indoor flower vase! The special thing about this DIY project is that the main ingredient is very common in every household, yet it might seem quite unexpected for this type of craft -- a copper pipe! Continue reading →
  2. Screws & Bolts & Nails, Oh My! DIY Magnetic Bracelet

    Screws & Bolts & Nails, Oh My!  DIY Magnetic Bracelet
    Have you ever been in the middle of a project with a giant pile of nails, screws, bolts, wishing you had a way to keep them all organized?Assembling certain Swedish-made furniture, for example, can be a daunting process when you’re trying to keep all the small tools in one convenient place. It takes twice as long to build a simple chair, and you end up losing a few screws in the meantime. If this sounds familiar, keep reading! Continue reading →
  3. Cooking with Magnets: Induction Heat

    Cooking with Magnets: Induction Heat
    When it comes to stoves, most Americans rely on either gas or electric heat to create their culinary masterpieces. However, a third, more efficient manner of cooking is slowly working its way into more and more kitchens. While already popular in Europe and Asia, induction is starting to take off in the States. Induction cooking provides benefits gas and heat simply can’t touch, but the best part? It’s only possible through magnetism! Continue reading →
  4. Pole Reversal: What Happens When Our Magnetic Shield Loses Strength?

    Pole Reversal: What Happens When Our Magnetic Shield Loses Strength?
    Extending out over 370,000 miles above the Earth, the magnetic layer known as the magnetosphere protects the planet from the charged particles of solar wind and cosmic rays that could tear away at our upper atmosphere, exposing us to ultraviolet radiation. That might seem like a permanent feature of the planet, and for the most part, it is. Continue reading →
  5. Delicate Sound of Thunder: Exploring Electromagnetic Whistlers

    Delicate Sound of Thunder: Exploring Electromagnetic Whistlers
    When we think of lightning storms, we usually associate them with scary, booming claps of thunder. These audible bursts are caused by a sonic shockwave as lightning discharges. However, thunder is not the only sound of the storm. High above the clouds, in the farthest reaches of our atmosphere, another symphony is taking place. This is the concert hall of the electromagnetic electron wave, also known as a whistler. Continue reading →
  6. Ancient Magnetic Pottery

    Ancient Magnetic Pottery
    Evidence of Earth’s magnetic field is all around us. Animals use it to navigate, the spectacular display of the Aurora Borealis is generated by it, even your compass pointing north—all possible because of this mysterious force. However, while we experience the benefits of the magnetic field on a daily basis (we wouldn’t have an atmosphere without it either), its effects are nothing new. The magnetic field has quietly been at work for millennia. Continue reading →
  7. DIY Mini Book Magnets

    DIY Mini Book Magnets
    Here’s the perfect craft in honor of National Library Lovers month! If reading and spending time in your local library is your idea of a fun time, you’ll love this DIY. We all know book lovers have their favorite books and novels they will always treasure. With this DIY project, you can now display your favorite books in an adorably cute and creative way! Mini book magnets are a rather easy craft, but the end result looks like you could have bought them them at hobby store! Keep reading to find out how to make these mini book magnets: Continue reading →
  8. Spice Up Your Life: DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

    Spice Up Your Life: DIY Magnetic Spice Rack
    Like many homeowners, your collection of spices might not be the most organized part of the kitchen. We tend to buy spice after spice and end up with a monumental selection and no room to efficiently store them. However, this DIY project just might be the solution we’ve all be looking for! A magnetic spice rack can be customized to your liking as well as aesthetically pleasing! Continue reading →
  9. A Whale of a Magnetic Field

    A Whale of a Magnetic Field
    In previous posts, we’ve talked about the connection between animals and magnetism. Sharks, dogs, birds, and plenty of others all have pretty direct links to Earth’s magnetic field. However, there is one group of animals wherein the relationship is not as clear—some scientists don’t even think it exists. Continue reading →
  10. DIY Bird Feeder: A Real Chick Magnet

    DIY Bird Feeder: A Real Chick Magnet
    It might not seem like it, but spring is on the horizon. Once it arrives, flora and fauna will be back in full force. Flying back from their winter homes, the birds will be looking for new lodging for the spring and summer months. Make it easy for them with a simple DIY bird feeder. In no time, you’ll be playing host to all sorts of feathered friends. Continue reading →

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