April 2017

  1. Quilt Magnets

    Quilt Magnets
    Quilts are a big part of American heritage. If you’re a quilt fan, or have had quilts passed down to you, these magnets are a great way to honor and keep up that tradition. This craft requires minimal supplies and is simple to make. Continue reading →
  2. Magnetic Upcycled Cork Decor

    Magnetic Upcycled Cork Decor
    At Apex, we love products with multiple functions. This DIY cork project not only features an item you can use for various reasons, but can also be upcycled into a product that is arguably higher-quality than the original. We have discussed other magnetic cork projects, however, this one will be sure to fancy your inner-artist. These upcycled cork decorations are fast and simple to make, and create great magnets for your fridge. Continue reading →
  3. Eels Have A Sense For Magnetic Fields

    Eels Have A Sense For Magnetic Fields
    When humans give birth, most of us go to a nearby hospital. Fish, however, migrate long distances, sometimes thousands of miles, to reproduce. Sounds crazy, right? Some fish are anadromous, traveling from the sea into freshwater and others are catadromous, moving from rivers into saltwater. Continue reading →
  4. There’s a New Kind of Aurora, and his Name is Steve

    There’s a New Kind of Aurora, and his Name is Steve
    One of the most beautiful phenomena on planet Earth has to be the aurora. Occurring near the planet’s north and south poles, the aurora borealis and aurora australis have been dazzling and mystifying human beings since antiquity. The aurora, brilliant bands of colorful light dancing across the sky, are the result of light particles from the sun meeting Earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field is strongest near the poles, hence why this color show is typically only viewed at higher latitudes. Continue reading →
  5. The Moon Once Had Its Own Magnetic Field

    The Moon Once Had Its Own Magnetic Field
    Devotees of this blog surely know how much we love Earth’s magnetic field. Indeed, it’s a pretty important component for sustaining life on our planet, shielding us from the harmful radiation hurled out by the sun. Other planets have them, too. Jupiter’s magnetic field is the largest entity in our entire solar system! Continue reading →
  6. Magnetic Copper Decoration DIYs

    Magnetic Copper Decoration DIYs
    Copper is versatile material, used for many practical purposes throughout the home. However, it has also become a popular decorating motif. If you love the copper aesthetic, these two do-it-yourself projects are right up your alley! In the spirit of spring cleaning, these crafts not only look great, but help you stay organized! Keep reading to learn how to make a magnetic DIY copper inspiration board and magnetic copper cup organizers. Continue reading →
  7. The Compass Protein Theory

    The Compass Protein Theory
    As much as we love magnets, we recognize there are still plenty of mysteries surrounding them. One such mystery that has plagued scientists for decades is the role Earth’s magnetic field plays in helping numerous animals navigate—from caribou herds to flocks of birds. Even humans might be able to pick up on this magnetism. Continue reading →
  8. Tackling Oil Spills With Magnets

    Tackling Oil Spills With Magnets
    The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in April 2010¹ poured over 205 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Only 25% of the oil spilled (over 51 million gallons) was recovered from the Gulf. While that seems like quite a bit of oil, in reality, it wasn’t nearly enough. Approximately 82,000 birds, 6,000 sea turtles, 25,900 marine mammals, and countless fish were harmed by the spill i. While this spill is the largest to date, it’s just one of over 320 that have occurred in the Gulf of Mexico since 1964. Continue reading →
  9. DIY Magnetic Spring Wreath

    DIY Magnetic Spring Wreath
    Here’s a fun spring DIY project to create with your family and use from spring to summer. Wreaths have been classic decor pieces for front doors for many years, but this DIY turns wreaths into a decoration for your refrigerator! The best part?  You can customize these wreaths to suit your personal or interior design style. Take this project to the next level and use all real materials from the good old outdoors, rather than getting them at your local craft store. Continue reading →
  10. What’s the Scoop on the Hyperloop?

    What’s the Scoop on the Hyperloop?
    The journey from Miami to Orlando, which now takes just over, could soon take under 25 minutes. The Hyperloop, the brain-child of Elon Musk and SpaceX, would connect cities using a series of reduced-pressure tubes that utilize magnetic levitation to suspend pod-like vehicles, meaning no resistance and minimal noise pollution. A linear electric motor gradually propels the pods forward to a cruising speed of around 700 miles per hour. These tubes would be able to travel under or above-ground, eliminating any possibility of grade crossings. Musk and SpaceX’s idea has been open-sourced and others are encouraged to take the concept and expand upon it. Continue reading →

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