May 2017

  1. Modern Hexagon Magnets

    Modern Hexagon Magnets
    Geometric shapes are certainly trendy right now. They pair well with many modern aesthetics because of their clean lines meant to represent simplicity or minimalist design styles. This DIY magnetic project is not only a wonderful accent for your modern decor, but it is also extremely easy to make (keeping with the whole minimalism trend)! Continue reading →
  2. DIY Magnetic Knife Display Rack

    DIY Magnetic Knife Display Rack
    A good cutlery set is a prized possession and essential for creating (or at least attempting to create) those delicious dinners every night. While a traditional knife block is a convenient way to store your cutlery, is it the best way to display them? This do-it-yourself display rack lets you show off your culinary investment. In particular, it’s perfect for those who favor rustic-design. Continue reading →
  3. Credit Cards vs. Magnets: Who Will Be Victorious?

    Credit Cards vs. Magnets: Who Will Be Victorious?
    Checking out at a store is usually a stress-free process. Your items are scanned, you hear the total, you swipe your card, you grab your things, you leave. But sometimes there’s a hitch in the process. Your card won’t scan! Not to worry. It’s a pretty common issue and it can happen to anyone. It just means something’s wrong with your card’s magnetic strip. Continue reading →
  4. Magnetism is Key to Unearthing New Crater

    Magnetism is Key to Unearthing New Crater
    The Falklands, an archipelago off the coast of Argentina, are hiding a pretty big secret. Northwest of West Falkland Island and dating back to the late Paleozoic Era around the time of the extinction of more than 90% of life on the planet, an event known as The Great Dying or the Permian Extinction. Continue reading →
  5. New Magnetic Materials Discovered In Ireland

    New Magnetic Materials Discovered In Ireland
    While the majority of our magnets are made of neodymium, samarium, and cobalt, there are plenty more materials possessing magnetic properties. Furthermore, the scientific community has recently discovered a whole new batch! Researchers in Ireland announced last month that they had unearthed 22 new materials able to play host to the properties of magnetism. Continue reading →
  6. Uncharted Territory on Two Wheels

    Uncharted Territory on Two Wheels
    Earth is pretty much mapped out, so you’d think there’s not much else left to do, right? Not exactly. Magnetic surveying is a geophysical method of mapping out the terrain, used both on land and in marine archaeology. These surveys detect spatial variations in the Earth’s magnetic field. Typically, this is accomplished on foot while carrying the necessary magnetic sensors in a backpack. Surveyors can usually cover between 10 and 12 kilometers (6.21-7.45 miles) per day. However, many surveyors get tuckered after 2-3 kilometers. Sounds time-consuming, right? Continue reading →

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