July 2017

  1. Magnets Are Coming: DIY Game of Thrones Bookmarks

    Magnets Are Coming: DIY Game of Thrones Bookmarks
    While we only have just shy of two seasons left of the HBO series Game of Thrones, the fandom will surely live on. Winter has come and it shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. With so much merchandise available, it can be hard to choose. Instead of forking over money, why not just create your own? Continue reading →
  2. Air Drying Clay Leaf Magnets

    Air Drying Clay Leaf Magnets
    During the summertime, flowers are in full bloom and the grass and trees are a vibrant green. The best part of this season is the bold, bright colors that come with sunshine and thunderstorms. Display your love for greenery and the outdoors with a simple with this fun project that everyone with love to help make. By using clay, artificial leaves, and watercolors, there are plenty of opportunities to use your creative freedom with this magnetic DIY! Continue reading →
  3. DIY Magnetic Linear Accelerator

    DIY Magnetic Linear Accelerator
    Inside the classroom, the magic of magnetism can be quickly lost to complicated charts and technical assignments. But there’s no shortage of compelling projects you can complete with your students to explain and demonstrate how magnets work without ruining the fun. Continue reading →
  4. Build Your Own Magnetic Motor

    Build Your Own Magnetic Motor
    This video seems like magic but it’s simply magnetic forces at work (it’s interesting how often those two get confused). You can even recreate this experiment yourself. All you’ll need are some neodymium disc magnets of varying sizes, a small sphere magnet, strong tape, and an old CD. Continue reading →
  5. Tin Can Succulent Magnet

    Tin Can Succulent Magnet
      There are so many ways you can not only plant and display succulents—real or fake. A sure way to direct your house guests’ attention to your plants is to stick them on your fridge! There are so many different kinds of succulents to choose from, giving this DIY endless options and outcomes. Continue reading →
  6. 3 Magnetic Research Institutions Changing the World

    3 Magnetic Research Institutions Changing the World
    We love learning about new and exciting magnet-related findings and we hope you do, too! Always on the search for new information and discoveries, we keep a close eye on the leading magnetic research facilities to see what they’re up to. Today on our blog, we’ve rounded up a few of the most significant magnetic research institutions in America and highlighted some of their findings to give you a little sample of what these labs do and what their contributions to science have been. Continue reading →
  7. Magnetic Mason Jar Storage Shelf

    Magnetic Mason Jar Storage Shelf
    Have you ever been in a rush to get ready in the morning and realize you can’t find anything you need? Cotton swabs, dental floss, bobby pins — they all seem to disappear when you’re crunched for time. That’s where the magnetic mason jar storage shelf comes in. This DIY is not only extremely functional and convenient, but also livens up your space. Continue reading →

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