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Monthly Archives: May 2018

  • Magnetic Refrigeration is Pretty Cool!

    We’ve been telling you magnets are cool for years now, but could magnets soon be replacing our refrigerator technology? With new findings from the researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory, magnetic refrigeration could be on the horizon. Continue reading

  • DIY Magnetic Vertical Garden

    Ever find yourself getting restless indoors as the weather gets warmer? Cure your spring fever with this DIY magnetic vertical garden! The neat thing about this garden is you aren’t limited to a certain layout or plant. Customize the organization as you see fit, and switch out the plants whenever you want. This easy-to-create magnetic vertical garden is a great way to bring the outdoors in and brighten up your office, bedroom, or common areas this season. Continue reading

  • Magnets Keep Our Food Safe, But What Are the Best Practices?

    When there’s an E. coli outbreak, we all hear about it. A less common—but still serious—concern is the potential for foreign metal particles to slip into our food. These particles could come from anywhere along the supply chain, including the machinery used to process food and wire meshes used to filter ingredients. If you’ve never heard of something like that happening, it’s likely because these are usually one-off events. Unlike a bacterial strain that can infect an entire production line, a stray piece of metal will typically impact only one package of food. 

    Continue reading

  • Memorial Day Magnet DIYs

    To celebrate Memorial Day and honor those who lost their lives serving in the military, we’ve put together three simple DIY crafts for you to make this month. Luckily, these magnets can be repurposed for the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Flag Day, or any other time you’re feeling patriotic throughout the year. Continue reading

  • Oceanic Magnetism and Earth's Magnetic Field

    The ocean is a terrifying place (exhibit A), but it sure is fascinating. With so many mysteries hidden in its depths, it’s sometimes surprising that we know anything about this mass that covers 71% of our planet. For instance, have you ever heard of oceanic magnetism? Well, read on! Continue reading

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