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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  • Magnets and First Aid: Staying Prepared For When Injuries Arise

    For those who have regularly worked around magnets, has your finger ever been caught in a pinch between two pieces of neodymium as they magnetically attract? If yes, then you likely already know the importance of proper magnet safety. In reality, injuries happen, and you’ll need to prepare yourself accordingly.

    There are proactive measures you can take to ensure that you’re ready for a worst-case magnet injury scenario. It begins with having a firm understanding of the dangers of magnets, some of the most common injuries and – perhaps most important – efficient first aid practices/supplies to ensure proper treatment.

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  • Magnet Dimensional Tolerances: What to Watch for

    Vernier Caliper

    Your facilities and products must meet specific requirements to ensure you reach your goals, and one requirement for reaching those goals is reliable tools and components.

    Whether you need to hang something from the ceiling or sewing a magnetic clasp into a shirt, your magnets must also meet certain requirements. Just as a ½-inch by 2-inch neodymium disc magnet may be better for an application than a ½-inch by 3-inch neodymium disc magnet, a ½-inch by 2-inch magnet may be better than a 2.004-inch magnet. It’s a small difference, but many businesses can’t tolerate such variety in size.

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  • Tiny Magnets: What are They Good for?

    Uses for Tiny Magnets

    Most of the magnets we encounter on a regular basis—the ones on our kitchen refrigerator or used to hang something from the ceiling—are very manageable as they fit comfortably in your hand. There are many more powerful magnets out there, however, that are smaller than a penny. Though this makes them harder to handle with your bare hands, they’re extremely useful for certain applications.

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  • The Human Magnetic Field: Is It Real?

    A magnetic field: Do humans have them?

    You’ve heard the phrase “magnetic personalities” before, but are there actually magnetic people? You’ve probably seen videos circulating on the internet of people claiming to be magnetic. They place objects on their bodies only for them to hold their place rather than fall to the ground as one would expect. Are these “magnetic people” truly magnetic?

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  • DIY Customized Magnetic Fridge Containers

    Living with a lot of people under the same roof with only one refrigerator can lead to a lack of space. You quickly find yourself coming up with creative (and not so functional) ways to fit all of your food in one small space. With magnets, however, we can solve your storage issues! These easy-to-make magnetic plastic containers will help you declutter your fridge and utilize as much space as possible.

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