October 2018

  1. How Magnets Can Potentially Change the Auto Industry and the World

    How Magnets Can Potentially Change the Auto Industry and the World
    Self-driving cars have been on the horizon for a long time, but just how realistic is a world that travels primarily by autonomous vehicle? In 1997, the US Department of Transportation funded a series of projects to develop and demonstrate a highway prototype. The resulting automated system with embedded magnets performed “flawlessly.” This meant the possibility of switching from automatic...
  2. What Can Demagnetize a Magnet?

    What Can Demagnetize a Magnet?
    Have you ever picked up a magnet only to find it just won’t do its job? Something must have demagnetized that magnet, rendering it unusable. But what factors can cause a magnet to lose its magnetism? This is important knowledge for folks regularly working with magnets in their work or just in their hobbies. There are a few different ways to demagnetize a magnet and we’re covering 5 of the most effective methods here: Continue reading →
  3. DIY: Autumn-Inspired Pumpkin Magnets

    DIY: Autumn-Inspired Pumpkin Magnets
    ‘Tis the season for spooky crafts and haunting Halloween home decor! But sometimes, all we want is a little autumn flair to get our homes ready for the holidays. Our solution? A pumpkin magnet craft! These adorable homemade magnets won’t take you too long to make, but they’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests. Continue reading →
  4. Magnetic Levitation is the Force Behind the Lexus SLIDE Hoverboard

    Magnetic Levitation is the Force Behind the Lexus SLIDE Hoverboard
    As technology continues to improve by the year, it seems that it won’t be long until hoverboards emerge as a popular gadget in society for those of all ages to use. Let’s face it, who’d rather ride a bike or a skateboard when you can get from Point A to Point B on a floating magnetic device? Exactly. In fact, Lexus has been working on the creation of a hoverboard called SLIDE, which would rely on magnetic levitation to lift itself off the ground. It visually resembles a skateboard, made with a mix of bamboo and carbon fiber material that emits smoke as it levitates six inches off the ground. You can check out a teaser video here. But how does the hoverboard actually function? That’s where the use of magnets and magnetic levitation comes into play. Continue reading →
  5. Recovered Rare Earth Magnets Are Repurposed for Motors

    Recovered Rare Earth Magnets Are Repurposed for Motors
    In a recent blog post, we discussed the importance of recycling rare earth magnets. These rare earth metals play a significant role in everyday technologies, including rechargeable batteries, touchscreen cell phones, and computer hard drives. Through a project funded by the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Critical Materials Institute, a research team in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) recovered magnets from used computer hard drives and repurposed them for use in an axial gap (or axial flux) electric motor, one of two basic direct drive motor configurations. The motor transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy through the electromagnetic interactions of magnetic fields generated by the magnets and coils within. Continue reading →
  6. DIY Magnetic Slime

    DIY Magnetic Slime
    With Halloween being right around the corner, spooky season is officially upon us. Need a new party trick to impress your friends or something simple to keep the kids busy? This homemade slime will spook everyone with its magnetic abilities. Continue reading →
  7. Getting Sky High with Super-Conducting Magnets

    Getting Sky High with Super-Conducting Magnets
    Chances are you’ve been on a plane to travel to a work conference, vacation, or holiday event. It’s quick, relatively easy, and has the potential for less stress during travel (think about it--there’s no road rage in the sky)! But do you know the environmental impact of flying? When jet fuel is burned, carbon bonds with oxygen and forms carbon dioxide. This carbon emission makes up more than 80 percent of the greenhouse gases emitted in the United States Continue reading →
  8. DIY: Wine Cork Succulent Magnets

    DIY: Wine Cork Succulent Magnets
    Want to add some life to your home or office space, but don’t want to add a lot of maintenance work for yourself? These DIY Wine Cork Succulent Magnets are perfect for you then! This quick craft will have your space looking bright and cheery in no time and with little upkeep for the future. Continue reading →
  9. Magnets in Electronics

    Magnets in Electronics
    We use our state-of-the-art cell phones, tablets and televisions on a regular basis, but it’s easy to forget about the parts inside that make them work so well and allows them to be a fixture in our lives. As it turns out, a lot of the electronics we use every day rely on magnets to function at their fullest capability. We’ll show you how. Continue reading →
  10. Easy Classroom Demonstrations with Magnets

    Easy Classroom Demonstrations with Magnets
    Explaining the science of magnets to students can be difficult. Hearing the words come out of a teacher’s mouth is one thing but actually seeing the way magnets interact with each other and other materials can really help drive the point home. These simple experiments with magnets will exhibit how magnets work while still keeping students’ attention. Continue reading →

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