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Monthly Archives: November 2018

  • Measuring the Strength of Magnets

    Magnet Strength

    We all know that there are different kinds of magnets—the magnet holding up your grocery list on your fridge isn’t in the same realm as the one being used to lift cars in the junkyard. So, how do we measure the strength of each of these different kinds of magnets?

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  • DIY Magnetic Calendar

    DIY Magnetic Calendar for your home!

    With the new year on the horizon, it’s time to begin planning! Preparing for a brand new year can feel stressful but it doesn’t have to be when you have everything in order. Having one place to arrange all of your events, appointments, and holiday engagements will keep you sane.

    That’s where your DIY magnetic calendar comes into the picture! Keep your ducks in a row and craft this calendar for your refrigerator.

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  • Shuttering Magnets Being Used in the Construction Industry

    Magnets in Construction

    When working with concrete or steel in a setting project, it’s incredibly important you have tools sturdy enough to hold pieces in place, but that also have the flexibility to move once everything is set.

    For this reason, shuttering magnets make for a great option when dealing with steel panels, beams, fences, or concrete, as they are permanent holding magnets offering exceptional sturdiness. When we say permanent, however, we are referring to its holding capability. They are, in fact, highly flexible in regards to movement through its provisions which allow you to release the magnet once the piece you’re working on is finished.

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  • A Magnetic Tablet Tale: Apple’s 2018 iPad Pro Contains 102 Magnets

    Magnets in iPads

    Just when you thought Apple has run out of innovative ideas for their technology, they do it again. In case you missed it, the 2018 version of the iPad Pro features 102 (!!!) small magnets. Although we tend to assume magnets and technology don’t play well together, we have discovered that magnetic mounts are safe to use on our phones and magnetic cases can actually protect your devices during a fall. So it only makes sense that Apple has found a way to incorporate purposeful magnets into their designs.

    But why would a tablet need all of these magnets since previous versions functioned without them?

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  • The Different Kinds of Magnetic Tape

    Magnetic Tape

    It may come as a surprise, but magnetic tape is exceedingly important to some items we use in our everyday lives.  Just think about it. Those cabinets in your kitchen where store your silverware, plates, cups, and all the rest? Magnetic tape is the perfect way to label them. The framed photos hanging in your house? The invisible magnetic tape keeps them sturdy and in place without the need for nails or damaged walls. That presentation board for your school project? Color magnetic tape and labels can help you get that A.

    In a lot of ways, the possibilities are endless. But do you know the different kinds of magnetic tape? We’ll detail some below so you can find creative ways to use them yourself!

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