December 2018

  1. It’s Electric: How Saltwater Affects Magnets

    Magnets in Saltwater Have you ever wondered what happens to a magnet when it is immersed in saltwater? Well, for one, water is considered dimagnetic – which means that it exerts a weak magnetic field, and repels other magnetic fields around it. Add salt into the equation, and the water’s magnetic field is only weakened further to the point that it ceases to have any significant effect on other magnetic fields. Continue reading →
  2. DIY: Light Up Snowman Magnets

    Magnetic Snowman While the weather may be frightful, these light up snowman magnets are so delightful! This craft can be done in 10 minutes or less with just a few materials. The kiddos can even help with the craft—with supervision, of course. Someone has to use the glue gun! Continue reading →

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