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Monthly Archives: February 2019

  • Is Earth’s Magnetic Field Flipping?

    Is Earth’s Magnetic Field Flipping?

    According to Nature, Earth’s north magnetic pole is moving so quickly that the World Magnetic Model (WMM) needed to be updated only four years after its latest update.  Even though the 2015 update to the model was expected to remain valid until 2020, it’s close to exceeding the acceptable limit for navigational errors. so, updates were made and released in February 2019.

    Periodically, the north and south poles move so much that they trade locations, which is known as a magnetic field flip.This phenomenon most likely should not occur for thousands of years, however.

    But, the fact that WMM needed to be updated so quickly has us questioning what is it that causes the poles to shift, and what this means for Earth’s magnetic field. Below, we outline what all plays into the changes.

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  • New Discoveries on The Cause of Auroras

    Sun's Magnetism and Auroras

    The Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis, better known as the Northern and Southern Lights have always been a topic of discussion. After all, how does this magical explosion of colors light up the sky? We’ve looked into the answer before and found magnetic reconnection was a possible explanation.

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  • DIY Map Magnets

    DIY Magnetic Map

    Create your own reminder of places traveled (or places you wish to travel to) with these DIY map magnets. If you don’t have any maps laying around, simply print out sections of maps from Google! Stick them on your fridge, in your office, or anywhere else you’d like to forever remember your trips.

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  • How to Make Magnets an Integral Part of Warehouse Management

    How to Make Magnets an Integral Part of Warehouse Management

    Warehouses and distribution centers operate in a state of flux a recurring expansion and consolidation of products and raw material. In many ways, warehouses behave as the lungs of the sales and manufacturing business. But even in the midst of constant change, one goal remains the same to stabilize. You want to increase productivity and predictability. Our magnets can play a prominent role in the effort to improve and standardize day-to-day life for your business.

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  • How a Puzzle for Children Helped Physicists Understand Magnetism

    Puzzle for Children Helped Physicists Understand Magnetism

    At some point during your childhood, you probably played with a popular sliding puzzle game that originated in the 1880s consisting of tiles in a grid—most likely a 3x3 grid (an 8-puzzle) or 4x4 grid (a 15-puzzle). The concept was simple: get the tiles in numerical order by sliding the tiles, utilizing the empty space. It was frustrating. It was addicting.  It was challenging.

    Now, physicists are using it as a way to try and understand how magnets work, which is one of the most complex puzzles.

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