June 2019

  1. DIY: Paper Mache Ice Tray Magnetic Succulents

    DIY Magnet We’re giving you another awesome DIY using plants and neodymium magnets! Previously, we showed you how to make magnetic succulents using wine corks. This time, we’re going a step further and making our own paper mache magnetic plant holders using an ice tray! Continue reading →
  2. Keep Kids' Minds Active in the Summer With This Amazing Magnet Pen

    magnetic crafts It can be hard to find activities for the kids to do that are both educational and fun, but this experiment is just that. Keep your kids busy and their minds active this summer by making a magic spinning pen. The best part? You probably have all of the materials for this experiment already!   Continue reading →
  3. The Mystery of Magnetic Mesoamerican Sculptures

    Magnetic Mesoamerican Sculptures We’re fascinated by the creative endeavors of those before us, especially when their art involves magnetism. New research, published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, suggests that ancient sculptors intentionally chose magnetized rocks when creating their masterpieces. Over 2,000 years ago, sculptors in modern-day Guatemala carved “potbelly sculptures” out of boulders. These sculptures depicted figures of obese humans nearly six and a half feet tall and roughly 22 thousand pounds. There’s more to these sculptures than what meets the eye, though. Continue reading →

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