It’s hard to believe that summer break is already over. While students reluctantly shuffle back into the classroom after months of rest and relaxation, teachers have been hard at work with lesson planning, supply gathering, and, of course, organizing their classrooms. Setting up a fun learning environment for students is easier said than done and can take a lot of time and effort. Luckily, magnets are here to save you a little of both!

Besides the obvious location, magnets can be a great asset to any classroom, K-12. For one thing, they’re reusable year after year. Another great benefit is that magnets don’t leave behind any holes or marks on surface the way thumbtacks and tape might.

Magnetic Poster Hanger

School supplies certainly aren’t cheap and most teachers want their materials and visual aides to last as long as possible. Posters are a great reusable resource to liven up a room or educate your students. However, year after year of masking tape or push pins can leave your pictures and charts looking a little worse for the wear. That’s where our poster hanger comes in!

Simply take a ruler or another long, flat piece of wood and glue a disc magnet on each end. Next, take a piece of twine or picture wire and tie it around each side. Lay out your poster so that the top of it cover the ruler. Take two more magnets and voila! Your poster isn’t going anywhere.

Use an adhesive-backed hook and place your poster with confidence. Not only will it lengthen the life of your poster, it’ll keep the principal off your back for damaging the walls!

Magnetic Hooks and Pins Save Space

This is a pretty simple one. If you have extra magnetic surfaces around your room such as a spare blackboard or filing cabinets, you can instantly transform them into additional spaces for coats and bags. For heavier items such as book bags or winter coats, we recommend a heavier hook magnet. For lighter items, try some of these colorful pins!

Hidden Magnet Supply Organizer

There’s nothing worse than a desk cluttered with stray paper clips or staples or pushpins. You’re bound to knock them out of their container pretty often. An easy way to avoid this is by keeping these pesky supplies in place with a good magnet.

All you’ll need are a neodymium disc magnet and a small plate or bowl of your choosing. Simply glue the magnet to the underside of the bowl and you’re all set! The magnet should be strong enough to keep those little supplies in place until you need them.

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