1. DIY Magnetic Board Games

    DIY Magnetic Board Games
    What could be more fun than magnetic board games? They bring all the fun you know and love with a twist of magnetic attraction. If you’re remixing a classic game by mounting it up on the wall, or you’re just looking to create pieces for a more traditional set that don’t scatter and fall beneath the couch, magnets are the answer.  Read on for details on how to magnetize some of your favorite board games:  Continue reading →
  2. DIY Magnetic Cheese Board

    DIY Magnetic Cheese Board
    It’s likely that you’ve never thought to purchase a magnetic cheese board, but Apex Magnets is here to tell you why this is a must-have item when hosting a happy hour, birthday party, or any other celebration at your home.  There are a few different types of magnetic cheese boards — some have magnets in the base of the board, while others use magnets or a magnetic strip on a wedge of wood attached to the board — but the purpose is the same: to hold your cheese knives. This way, you aren’t prone to losing a utensil from your set or having any accidentally fall to the floor while people are grabbing their hor oeuvres. Continue reading →
  3. 5 Ways To Use Magnets In Libraries

    5 Ways To Use Magnets In Libraries
    With books filling the shelves and study tables spread throughout, it can be difficult to keep libraries organized and free from clutter. For instance, you must consider how you'll label and store books and where you would like students or visitors to sit. Fortunately, with the use of neodymium magnets, you can easily organize your library and keep it clutter-free. Continue reading →
  4. Why Are Rare Earth Magnets Important to the Global Economy?

    Why Are Rare Earth Magnets Important to the Global Economy?
    From powering electric vehicles to creating wind turbines, rare earth magnets are integral to the global economy. Thanks to their magnetic strength and energy-producing capabilities, they are ideal for products that require a high energy-to-weight ratio. This also means that rare earth magnets are important to the global supply chain. These processed minerals can be used all over the world to create revolutionary outputs. Due to these reasons, the rare earth magnet industry is important to the global economy, but it can also pose a risk.   Continue reading →
  5. Magnets in the News: Crystals Exhibit Exotic Spiral Magnetism

    Magnets in the News: Crystals Exhibit Exotic Spiral Magnetism
    Since the discovery of magnetism, there have been all sorts of upwardly mobile discoveries made by scientists, enthusiasts, and intellectuals. Recently, scientists from the University of Alabama (UAB) made yet another interesting discovery — “semi-metal” crystals that exhibit an exotic spiral magnetism, presenting an opportunity to create better information storage devices.  Continue reading →
  6. The Ultimate Magnetic Halloween Decor Guide

    The Ultimate Magnetic Halloween Decor Guide
    Are you ready to make your house the spookiest spot on the block? We’ve rounded up our best magnetic Halloween tips and tricks over the years into one easy-to-use DIY decor guide.  Continue reading →
  7. When to Use Ring Magnets Instead of Countersunk Magnets

    When to Use Ring Magnets Instead of Countersunk Magnets
    Countersunk magnets are a form of ring magnet (although we also sell countersunk blocks!) with one angled side to take in a screw flush up against the side, allowing it to be anchored onto another surface. They’re ideal for hanging artwork and keeping doors and drawers closed. On the other hand, traditional ring magnets have concentric, non-angled holes. They’re not as strong as, say, disc magnets, but they are versatile and can slide quite easily onto rods and tubes. Continue reading →
  8. How Are Magnets Used In Roller Coasters?

    How Are Magnets Used In Roller Coasters?
    If you're a roller coaster engineer, you know the importance of the design, testing, and implementation stages. There’s a lot to consider, such as the material of the roller coaster, the intended rider, cart type, if there will be hills and loops, and more. You also have to consider how fast the roller coaster is. Does it accelerate unexpectedly at the beginning, or is there a gradual build-up of speed?  Both motors and gravity control the speed of roller coasters as potential energy transfers to kinetic energy; however, there are other ways to start, stop, and control roller coasters, such as strong permanent magnets. Today, many roller coasters use strong permanent magnets to accelerate or decelerate because of their durability and quick ability to attract or repel. Because of magnets' beneficial properties, we’ll continue to see permanent magnets used in roller coasters.  Continue reading →
  9. How Magnomer Magnetic Ink is Used to Enhance Recycling Efforts

    How Magnomer Magnetic Ink is Used to Enhance Recycling Efforts
    It’s no secret that we’ve got a plastic problem in our oceans. Despite significant recycling efforts and infrastructure, more and more plastic bottles and microplastics keep ending up there. The reality is that less than 6% of plastic bottles are currently recycled back into bottles. What a waste of effort!  So, what’s causing this giant gap between effort and impact? Well, in part, the labels! Those wrap-around bottle labels you see on your water bottle or any other beverage in a plastic container aren’t recycling-friendly.  Continue reading →
  10. How to Know If Your Magnet Supplier is Reliable

    How to Know If Your Magnet Supplier is Reliable
    Choosing a magnet supplier can be an overwhelming task, especially when there are multiple suppliers to choose from. First, you need to consider the type of magnet you need for your project. Then, you have to consider the cost, shipping, returns, and more. These factors are all important to consider, but you’ll also want to make sure you choose a reliable magnet supplier.  In this blog post, we’re rounding up ways to determine if a magnet supplier is reliable.  Continue reading →

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