1. LinkedIn Accounts to Follow for Magnet Information

    LinkedIn Accounts to Follow for Magnet Information
    If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you know there are so many ways that magnets can help your business! If you or your business are interested in learning even more about magnetic industrial applications, increasing workplace efficiency, or staying up-to-date on the latest magnet news, LinkedIn is a great place to connect and share ideas with others. We’ve compiled a list of accounts to follow within a wide range of industries including medicine, electronics, science, engineering, and more. These accounts share up-to-date information about market projections, magnetic news, magnetic applications, scientific discoveries and more. Read on to find out which accounts you should add to your personal or business LinkedIn network. Continue reading →
  2. Global Industry Analysis of Rare Earth Magnets

    Global Industry Analysis of Rare Earth Magnets
    Back in 2018, we wrote a blog post analyzing the global industry of rare earth magnets. Now that it's been a few years, we thought it was time to do an updated industry analysis. The rare earth magnet industry is still rapidly growing in size and complexity like it was in 2018, but it’s growing faster now than ever. This growth is attributed to the shift toward electric vehicles, technological innovations, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles, to name a few.  Continue reading →
  3. Magnetic Retail Displays

    Magnetic Retail Displays
    Whether you are a retailer or just looking to make a window display for your business or shop, you can use big and small neodymium magnets to make magnetic displays. Magnetic displays consist of magnetic signs, hanging systems for clothes, magnetic walls, and more. Not only do magnetic displays add versatility to your business as you can easily move magnetic objects around, but magnetic displays are also cost-effective and unique.  Are you interested in learning about how your business can use magnetic displays? Read on to learn how you can use magnetic displays in your business! Continue reading →
  4. Magnets and Renewable Energy

    Magnets and Renewable Energy
    According to the Center For Climate and Energy Solutions, “renewable energy is the fastest-growing energy source in the United States, increasing 100 percent from 2000 to 2018.” From a global standpoint, global electricity generation is expected to rise to 45 percent by 2040. This means that renewable energy will be largely consumed for heating, cooling, and transportation. Noting renewable energy growth potential and the overall societal shift toward green energy, it is important to think about how your business can help minimize its carbon footprint.  Continue reading →
  5. All About Magnetic Conveyors

    All About Magnetic Conveyors
    We all know that conveyor belts move materials from one location to the next on the continuously moving belt, but what about magnetic conveyor belts? Unlike typical conveyor belts, magnetic conveyor belts have permanent ceramic magnets under the surface to carry ferrous materials from one place to another. Magnetic conveyor belts keep magnetic materials equally spaced out and can prevent them from toppling over on a vertical, incline, or horizontal belt.  Could your business benefit from using a magnetic belt? Read on to learn about different types of magnetic conveyor belts that you could implement — each magnetic conveyor belt type is built for specific applications.  Continue reading →
  6. Magnetic Terminology Guide For Purchasing

    Magnetic Terminology Guide For Purchasing
    Purchasing magnets can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are not familiar with key magnetic terms. For instance, when you are filling out your Apex custom magnet request form, you may not know what the terms “magnetic strength rating” or “direction of magnetization” mean. Without understanding magnetic terminology, your request form may not directly align with your magnetic needs. However, there’s no need to worry — Apex Magnets is here to help! We’ve highlighted some of the key magnetic terms that are helpful to understand when purchasing magnets for your business. Continue reading →
  7. Magnetic Nanopowder For 6G Technology

    Magnetic Nanopowder For 6G Technology
    While carriers are still in the process of rolling out 5G communication in certain areas an even faster network technology, known as 6G (sixth generation), is taking shape. It really is humanity’s way — progress, progress, progress. Progress is never without its challenges, and there are still hurdles between 5G and 6G. Historically, one of the materials used in its production — epsilon iron oxide — has been difficult to produce in large quantities, making industrial application a challenge.  But, as one might have predicted, scientists have come up with a potential answer, developing and publishing a method for producing the rare form of iron oxide (III) at an accelerated rate, and demonstrating its use for 6G wireless communication. Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Fields Help Form Planets

    Magnetic Fields Help Form Planets
    Have you ever wondered how planets form? So have scientists! Until now, scientists haven’t been able to figure out a solid reasoning for the creation of our solar system. In a recent study, a computer simulation shows that magnetism may be the "missing ingredient" in the recipe to make a planet that scientists have been searching for.  Continue reading →
  9. Magnetic Personalities: Robert Bosch

    Magnetic Personalities: Robert Bosch
    Along with founding the Robert Bosch Gmbh Corporation, which you may recognize from your kitchen appliances, Robert Bosch made major contributions in the electrical engineering field in the early 1900s. In the scientific community, he’s best known for his adaptation of magnetos to vehicle engines, which was a groundbreaking discovery for the automotive industry. It’s safe to say Bosch had a big influence on the magnetic world — keep reading to see how his discoveries relate to modern magnets today! Continue reading →
  10. Your Smartphone as a Space Weather Vane

    Your Smartphone as a Space Weather Vane
    Smartphones can seemingly do everything these days — calling and texting, streaming movies and live TV, not to mention the photography that today’s smartphones can produce — but what if we told you that you have the power to sense the weather in space from the device in your pocket? According to some NASA research, your smartphone may be able to detect space weather, more specifically, you may be able to know firsthand when there’s a geomagnetic storm brewing.  Continue reading →

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