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  1. Magnetic Nanopowder For 6G Technology

    Magnetic Nanopowder For 6G Technology
    While carriers are still in the process of rolling out 5G communication in certain areas an even faster network technology, known as 6G (sixth generation), is taking shape. It really is humanity’s way — progress, progress, progress. Progress is never without its challenges, and there are still hurdles between 5G and 6G. Historically, one of the materials used in its production — epsilon iron oxide — has been difficult to produce in large quantities, making industrial application a challenge.  But, as one might have predicted, scientists have come up with a potential answer, developing and publishing a method for producing the rare form of iron oxide (III) at an accelerated rate, and demonstrating its use for 6G wireless communication. Continue reading →
  2. Magnetic Fields Help Form Planets

    Magnetic Fields Help Form Planets
    Have you ever wondered how planets form? So have scientists! Until now, scientists haven’t been able to figure out a solid reasoning for the creation of our solar system. In a recent study, a computer simulation shows that magnetism may be the "missing ingredient" in the recipe to make a planet that scientists have been searching for.  Continue reading →
  3. Your Smartphone as a Space Weather Vane

    Your Smartphone as a Space Weather Vane
    Smartphones can seemingly do everything these days — calling and texting, streaming movies and live TV, not to mention the photography that today’s smartphones can produce — but what if we told you that you have the power to sense the weather in space from the device in your pocket? According to some NASA research, your smartphone may be able to detect space weather, more specifically, you may be able to know firsthand when there’s a geomagnetic storm brewing.  Continue reading →
  4. Magnets Could Unlock Plentiful Power

    Magnets Could Unlock Plentiful Power
    What would happen if we could harness the reactionary power used by the sun and stars here on Earth? Well, we might know the answer soon as researchers at Tokamak Energy, a UK-based company, are turning that idea into a reality with their fusion reactor.  Continue reading →
  5. Magnets 101: Magnetization Direction

    Magnets 101: Magnetization Direction
    Here at Apex, we believe it’s important to understand the science behind our magnets and share them with you through “magnet 101s" so you can make an informed decision for your next project. Our next “magnet 101” is diving into one necessary element of neodymium magnets— magnetization direction. Essentially, neodymium magnets are formed with a specific magnetization direction depending on their shape to ensure they’re as strong as possible. Let’s dive deeper into what magnetization direction is and why it’s important! Continue reading →
  6. Space Sustainability: Using Magnets to Clean Up Dead Satellites

    Space Sustainability: Using Magnets to Clean Up Dead Satellites
    We’re all pretty familiar with the importance of sustainability. Picking up trash, recycling, reusing when possible, and decreasing our carbon footprint are all important ways to keep Earth’s environment balanced and healthy. What about beyond Earth’s surface though? Well, scientists have been developing a new form of environmentalism —space sustainability, and magnets are leading the new technology designed to clean up debris and dead satellites in space.  Learn how magnets can keep our outer environment as sustainable as our interior one.  Continue reading →
  7. Manipulating Magnets at an Atomic Level

    Manipulating Magnets at an Atomic Level
    We already know that magnets are found all around us from the obvious fridge magnets to being in many day-to-day appliances and in cloud storage data, such as Google or Amazon!  This fall, a team of researchers created a way to examine electronic spins within magnets at almost the atomic level — you can read all about it here — showing promising potential in small-level magnetism. Recently, another team of researchers was able to not only measure but manipulate magnets at an atomic level.  Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic “Skin” Is Helping Robots to Feel

    Magnetic “Skin” Is Helping Robots to Feel
    After researching subtle changes in surrounding magnetic fields, a team of researchers from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU), South University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) of Pittsburgh has developed a new technology for robotic fingers. The fingertips have a soft tactile sensor with skin-comparable characteristics.  This discovery is believed to be a stepping stone into making ultra-sensitive prosthetic hands, as well as other applications in the robotics field. One of the most interesting findings is that by having this sensor at robots’ fingertips, they will accomplish “human” tasks that are challenging, such as gripping fragile objects, threading a needle, and more.  Continue reading →
  9. Two More Things You May Not Know About Earth’s Magnetic Field

    Two More Things You May Not Know About Earth’s Magnetic Field
    In our last blog post, we talked about how the Earth’s magnetic field is dented — remember, we’re safe from any effects this dent has on the ground! — and how the magnetic field has reversed… hundreds of times! Again, the magnetic field reversing may seem alarming — many ‘doomsday’ theories come from the fear of pole reversal — but, rest assured, it doesn’t signify the end of the world. Now, we have two more magnetic phenomena to share — geodynamo paradox and geomagnetic jerks!  Continue reading →
  10. How Benefit is Using the Power of Magnetism in Their Mascara 

    How Benefit is Using the Power of Magnetism in Their Mascara 
    When you think about the power of magnetism, makeup is probably not your first thought. But Benefit Cosmetics’ latest product might change your mind. The makeup company launched a new product as an addition to one of their most popular lines—They’re Real! Mascara — changing the game when it comes to the integration of science and mascara. Is it all a gimmick though? Or will this innovative mascara set a new standard for magnetism in makeup? Let’s check out the benefits (get it?). Continue reading →

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