The modern version of treasure hunting doesn’t involve chests filled with gold or cloth maps marked with an X. Instead of searching for hidden treasure buried beneath the sand, you can find a network of different objects and containers carefully disguised all over the world and recorded as geocaches. Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you can hide objects with varying degrees of value in interesting places. Then, other geocachers have to follow your clues and hints in order to locate the hidden treasure.

You can start playing the game by searching for geocaches hidden by other people. Or, if you want to hide something for others to find, you can use magnets to make the hunt more challenging. Part of the game is to leave a logbook with your hidden item so other geocachers can let you know they solved the puzzle. Keeping all of the objects together and unseen can be tricky, which is why many geocachers use strong magnets to secure the items in place.

DIY Magnetic Geocache

You can use rare-earth magnets to secure your geocache if you have a metal container or are attaching it to a metal object such as a stop sign or a metal pole. Depending on the size of your container you may need more than one strong magnet. Neodymium block magnets are strong rare-earth magnets available in various sizes. Small rare-earth magnets can be extremely effective if your geocache isn’t too heavy.

So, if you are using a plastic container and securing it to a metal object at the site of your geocache make sure you use a really strong magnet or magnets. You can glue the magnet to the inside of the container to ensure it won’t get lost as other people find it. Then, if the magnet is strong enough, it should attract through the container to the metal at your geocache site. This method will also work for metal containers. Metal containers since they have magnetic properties, won't need super strong magnets like a plastic container unless they are very heavy.

Geocaches can be any size or shape and contain any number of random objects from figurines and toys to books and jewelry. Apex Magnets has the right type of magnet for any unusual container you can conceive as you start geocaching!


Image by Solitude