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  1. Inside A Bird’s Mysterious Magnetic Sense

    Inside A Bird’s Mysterious Magnetic Sense
    You might think that being able to see the world through an aerial view would be the only navigation tool birds need. However, a bird’s internal navigational system has something more complicated and fascinating going on. For years, scientists have theorized that migratory birds experience an innate phenomenon that allows them to ‘see’ the Earth’s magnetic field. Recently though, scientists at the University of Tokyo turned this hypothesis into actual proof.  Continue reading →
  2. Dogs and Earth’s Magnetic Field

    Dogs and Earth’s Magnetic Field
    Your furry best friend may have a sixth sense you don’t know about. That’s right, a recent study led by zoologist Hynek Burda, discovered that dogs can sense the Earth’s magnetic field and use it for navigational purposes. When doing their business, dogs seem to be aligning themselves facing North or South along the magnetic fields, meaning, the way they mark their territory may not be random at all and it may help them find their way. Continue reading →

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