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  1. Magnetic Easter Egg Hunt

    Magnetic Easter Egg Hunt
    Easter is here and that means it’s egg painting time! This year, you can plan something that’s fun and educational with a magnetic Easter egg hunt. Learning doesn’t have to end with school, and using magnets in your crafts and projects will both excite and teach your family at the same time.  Continue reading →
  2. DIY Magnetic Desk Toy

    DIY Magnetic Desk Toy
    In case you missed it, a new product is on the market — a desk toy that uses the power of magnets to defy gravity. While this might sound revolutionary, or like magic, this toy is replicating an age-old physics trick showcasing Lenz’s law and eddy currents.  Continue reading →
  3. Magnet DIY: Magnetic Ice Sensory Activity

    Magnet DIY: Magnetic Ice Sensory Activity
    While school’s out for the summer, you can still make playtime educational (while staying fun) with this super easy magnetic DIY! The best part? Cleanup is easy — just wipe up water!  Continue reading →
  4. Getting Ready for Summer: Magnetic DIYs and Hacks Roundup

    Getting Ready for Summer: Magnetic DIYs and Hacks Roundup
    Summer is right around the corner, meaning more time outside in the sun and more opportunities to use magnets in your everyday life! In preparation for the new season, we’ve compiled a roundup of magnetic DIYs and crafts to make this summer the best yet. From keeping kids busy during long car rides to helping you host the best picnics, choose your favorite DIY or hack below!  Continue reading →

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