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  1. Magnets for Back-to-school

    Magnets for Back-to-school
    It’s that time of year again. The kiddos are headed back to school and teachers are getting their classrooms student-ready. For teachers that have to put up and take down the decorations each year, magnets can be an easy-to-use solution. You can use magnets to hold up decorations and other classroom items and easily move or take them down at the end of the school year without leaving behind any holes or other damage. Here are some ways to use magnets for your back to school needs: Continue reading →
  2. Magnetic Paint and Magnet Projects

    Magnetic Paint and Magnet Projects
    Magnetic paint is one of those home decor projects that can both look amazing and prove extremely useful. You can hang up photos and notes without putting damaging holes into your walls. However, there are a few things you should probably know before diving into a magnetic paint project. In this blog, we’ll go over a few tips and ideas for your next home improvement adventure. Continue reading →
  3. DIY: Fourth of July Glitter & Star Magnets

    DIY: Fourth of July Glitter & Star Magnets
    Next week is the official birthday of America! Some of the visuals that we imagine for the Fourth of July are red, white, blue and anything that is reminiscent of fireworks or the American flag. Many of us we’ll be holding parties to commemorate our loved ones or just celebrate our freedom with friends and delicious barbecued food. For those occasions, here is a simple and patriotic DIY party favor idea using the staple holiday visuals: Fourth of July glitter and star magnets! Continue reading →
  4. DIY: Traveling Map Magnets

    DIY: Traveling Map Magnets
    Are you traveling somewhere exciting for vacation this summer? Map your journey with magnets! Whether you are going a few states over, to a nearby beach or traveling across the globe these DIY magnet projects are a neat way to remember your experience. We have two ways that you can combine magnets and maps to record your travels. Continue reading →
  5. Summer Magnet Projects: Magnetic Chore Chart

    Summer Magnet Projects: Magnetic Chore Chart
    Most kids are already out of school for the summer and enjoying the free time that comes with break. With the kids at home it could be a great time to involve them in the household chores. The thought of doing chores isn’t appealing to many, but you can try to make it more interesting with some positive reinforcement and this fun DIY magnetic chore chart! Continue reading →
  6. DIY: Clothes Magnets Activity for Father’s Day

    DIY: Clothes Magnets Activity for Father’s Day
    If your family is one that loves to adorn its fridge with colorful magnets and family photos, then these DIY magnets might be perfect for you. In this tutorial, we’re making our own DIY clothes magnets and then attaching them to family photos to create funny, movable magnet pieces. Some examples of cute magnets that you can include in your Father’s Day gift set are: sports jerseys, ties, bowties, shoes, vests and almost any other article of clothing. Continue reading →
  7. How to Install Magnetic Latches in Cabinet Doors

    How to Install Magnetic Latches in Cabinet Doors
    A magnetic latch, also known as a catch, provides resistance and prevents cabinet doors from popping open unintentionally. Some homeowners may use specially designed cabinet magnets to minimize damage from minor earthquakes or secure items. There are several different versions and ways that you can install a magnetic latch. Below, we have outlined a simple magnetic latch that can be installed in cabinetry. Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Magnetic Father’s Day Gift Ideas
    Father’s Day is quickly approaching and if you haven’t found the perfect gift for the father figure in your life, we have a few ideas! Your dad isn’t like any other dad. If you’d like to make the lucky parent in your life feel as special as they are this June 15th, make your gift a thoughtful one. Check out these gift ideas for the father figure in your life: Continue reading →
  9. Creative Uses for Hook Magnets This Summer

    Creative Uses for Hook Magnets This Summer
    Magnets can come in handy in many tough situations. One of the great things about them is that they can hold heavy objects with a firm grip but can also be easily removed without damaging your home fixtures. When it comes to outdoor usage, hook magnets can be used in a number of different scenarios. Below we have gathered a few creative DIY uses for magnets! Continue reading →
  10. Magnet Experiments: Make Magnetic Silly Putty

    Magnet Experiments: Make Magnetic Silly Putty
    You may remember playing with the stretchy and colorful goo-like globs called silly putty when you were a kid. Putty was actually invented by accident during World War II by James Wright, an engineer trying to come up with a cost-effective alternative to rubber for the U.S. military. He accidentally poured boric acid into silicone oil, creating the main ingredients of the the elastic toy we know today. However, the putty we know today wasn’t marketed as a fun pastime until Peter Hodgson saw its potential as a toy and bought the production rights after it was rendered useless as the military’s rubber alternative. One substance that is even more fun to experiment with than putty is magnetic putty. Magnetic putty has the same squishy texture as silly putty, but reacts with magnets in eye-catching ways. You can make your own magnetic putty with this simple and quick tutorial. Because this this experiment uses iron oxide powder it is meant for adult-use only and should not be done with small children. Continue reading →

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