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  1. How They Used Our Products: Gold Panning with Magnets!

    How They Used Our Products: Gold Panning with Magnets!
    At Apex, we serve customers who use our magnets in a variety of industries and applications. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so that’s one of the reasons why it is so exciting to hear back from customers who took creative measures to utilize the strength of our product. We recently got an amazing message about how one of our customers uses our magnets in their gold panning business!  Continue reading →
  2. Spreading Joy With Magnetic Kindness Rocks

    Spreading Joy With Magnetic Kindness Rocks
    The past year has been uncharacteristically difficult for a lot of people. It’s times like these where we need to spread positivity and uplift each other even more. One fun way to do that is by making kindness rocks! You may have heard of this viral trend before as The Kindness Rocks Project, where people paint stones and leave them to be found and collected by others. The intent was to bring a smile to someone’s face when they discovered a colorful rock with an inspirational message on it.  We’ll teach you how to make your own magnetic kindness rock to spread little reminders of happiness around your home. Remember, this DIY is perfect for all ages—but when crafting with children be sure an adult is present. Continue reading →
  3. DIY Magnet Party Favor With Jar Lids

    DIY Magnet Party Favor With Jar Lids
    When hosting a kid’s birthday party at your home, it can be hard to come up with fun activities to keep everyone occupied. If you find yourself in this scenario, we have two quick and easy magnet crafts for you. The best part? They can double as a party favor that fellow parents won’t want to throw away!  The idea...
  4. Build Your Own Speaker with Magnets

    Build Your Own Speaker with Magnets
    Magnets make music possible. How? Magnets are an important component of speakers and headphones, as they convert electrical energy into sound energy. The magnets transmit the sound energy through the “cone” of the speaker. While this description isn’t as complex as actual sound design, it gives you a brief idea of how magnets play a role in sound transmission. Continue reading →
  5. 5 Uses for Block Magnets

    5 Uses for Block Magnets
    Block magnets are one of the most popular and versatile magnets we sell at Apex Magnets. When compared to a disc magnet of the same thickness, they have more surface area resulting in a stronger magnetic pull—the pull force of our block magnets ranges from 0.6 pounds to roughly 1,082 pounds! We also sell a variety of countersunk blocks with holes that allow you to use screws, nails, or bolts to attach the magnet to a different material. Continue reading →
  6. DIY Map Magnets

    DIY Map Magnets
    Create your own reminder of places traveled (or places you wish to travel to) with these DIY map magnets. If you don’t have any maps laying around, simply print out sections of maps from Google! Stick them on your fridge, in your office, or anywhere else you’d like to forever remember your trips. Continue reading →
  7. Magnetic Mother’s Day Gifts

    Magnetic Mother’s Day Gifts
    Showing your mother that you love her doesn't have to come with an expensive price tag. Some of the most heartfelt gifts are the ones we make ourselves. This is why we think this year do it yourself gifts are a great way to show mom you appreciate all the hard work she’s done. If you still haven’t picked a gift for your mom, here are a few creative DIY gift ideas. Continue reading →

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