1. Magnetic Personalities: Andre-Marie Ampere

    Magnetic Personalities: Andre-Marie Ampere
    You may already be familiar with our latest magnetic personality feature as his last name, ampere — better known as just “amp”— is still used to describe the unit for measuring an electric current. Andre-Marie Ampere achieved great things during his lifetime in the field of magnetism, even founding and naming what we know today as electromagnetism. The more we learn about the pioneers of magnetism and related sciences, the more we can appreciate and understand it in our everyday lives. Continue reading →
  2. What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

    What is Electromagnetic Radiation?
    X-rays, radio waves and visible light are all examples of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). What is electromagnetic radiation? It is a form of energy that travels in the form of electromagnetic waves, which are created when electricity and magnetism come together. James Clerk Maxwell first discovered the existence of these waves around 1860, but it wasn’t until Heinrich Hertz built a device that produced radio waves that their existence was proven. Hertz’ experiment proved not only that electromagnetic waves existed, but that they are a form of light. Continue reading →

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